Mar 14

Cellfina buttocks and thigh cellulite treatment San Diego at Art of Skin

Art of Skin MD is proud to unveil Cellfina, the newest FDA-cleared device for treatment of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.  Unlike other devices on the market, Cellfina offers long lasting results of at least 2 years, and likely longer.   We were proud to unveil this technology as a "2016 what to watch for" for cosmetic surgery innovations debuting this year.  See me, Dr. Melanie Palm, discuss this effective treatment for dimpling cellulite in addition to other innovations such as Kybella (for fat of the double chin) and super silky lip filler Restylane Silk.  You can even see my expert injectable hands at work with a photo of the Restylane Lyft model that I injected and is featured in national ads in print media.  Check out the San Diego XETV CW6 clip below with news anchor Brooke Landau: Continue reading

Jan 19

Vanquish fat removal love handles, San Diego

Vanquish has a new improved platform called Vanquish ME, allowing for more effective radio frequency treatment of fat in the tummy and love handle region.  That spare tire around the abdomen and flanks can be effectively treated with no pain, no downtime, and no contact with Vanquish ME.   San Diego Living CW6 featured me (Dr. Palm) and Art of Skin MD as the practice for expertise in Vanquish ME.  Watch the clip below!   Continue reading

Oct 21

Farewell to Fat: Minimize Your Midsection Painlessly with Vanquish

Art of Skin MD by Dr. Melanie Palm will be hosting an Evening of Fat Farewell.  Muffin top got you down?  Love handles not giving you the love?  Not OK with the "jelly" in your belly?  Than find out the details below:   Farewell to Fat:  An Evening on Non-invasive Fat Removal with Vanquish Thursday, October 24th, 2013 5:30 pm to 7 pm Art of Skin MD (Beachwalk Center) 437 S. Highway 101, Suite 217, Solana Beach, CA 92075     Vanquish is the first pain-free, non-invasive, no contact device for fat removal.  Treatment is simple and easy and occurs weekly over approximately 1 month.  Find out the details below from my recent San Diego Fox 5 TV appearance:     The Art of Skin MD Farewell to Fat evening will feature a short, entertaining and informative talk by myself (Dr. Melanie Palm), appetizers and refreshments including bubbly.  During this evening, we will have not ONE, but TWO Vanquish devices.  Attendees will have the opportunity to experience the newest generation in fat removal for themselves.   Attendees that evening will be eligible for one-time only packages of Vanquish making non-invasive fat removal easy and affordable!  In addition to huge savings on Vanquish for one evening only, financing for those interested in Vanquish is made simple with CareCredit.   Ask the staff and myself about our Vanquish treatments.  As the first dermatology practice in San Diego to have Vanquish, we can speak first hand about our personal experiences with the newest of fat removal devices.  Kiss those midsections goodbye!   For more information on non-invasive fat removal, contact the Staff of Art of Skin MD through the Contact Page or by calling 858.792.7546.        

Sep 4

Vanquish radiofrequency fat reduction: Beat the Belly Bulge without pain or downtime!

Nonsurgical, no downtime, painless fat removal with RF in San Diego, California

  Art of Skin MD is delighted to announce it is the first dermatology practice in San Diego to offer Vanquish.  Vanquish is the newest revolution in non-surgical fat removal.  It uses radiofrequency to gently heat the targeted area of unwanted fat and decrease waist circumference after a series of treatments.   Click below to watch Art of Skin MD featuring myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) discuss the revolution in nonsurgical fat removal with Vanquish on San Diego Fox 5:     Vanquish is easy and PAINLESS.  A treatment series typically involves 4-6 weekly sessions.  Each session lasts 30 minutes, and there is absolutely no discomfort.  The treatment feels like a heating pad or blanket has been treated over the entire abdomen.  Most patients relax and watch a movie or take a nap during treatment.  
radiofrequency fat melting

Vanquish radio frequency nonsurgical, no downtime, no pain fat reduction therapy

        After Vanquish treatment, there is NO DOWNTIME.    The area of treatment feels warm to the touch and the skin may appear slightly pink for a period of minutes to an hour or two.  Unlike other nonsurgical fat reduction therapies, Vanquish does not hurt during administration, and there is no need for pain medication following treatment.   Vanquish is currently FDA-approved for deep tissue heating and final studies are pending for approval for fat reduction.  According to European studies, an average person lost 2.23 inches off their waist circcumference after four weekly treatments.   The Vanquish offers the largest surface area of treatment out of any fat reduction technology currently on the market.  The large platform with adjustable wings on Vanquish can comfortably treat the majority of an average abdomen as well as the flanks (sides of the waist).  Other areas beyond the "spare tire" and the "bulge of the belly" can be treated.  When used to treat the back of the waist and hips, Vanquish can address the "muffin top" above the waist of your favorite jeans.  Other areas that we have addressed in patients using the Vanquish includes the bra line and upper back fat as well as the outer thighs.  It is likely that with time other applications for Vanquish in smaller areas will be available such as for the upper arms and inner thighs. Here are some before and after photos from the International BTL Vanquish site:  
Radiofrequency fat reduction of male abdomen

Vanquish treatment of male abdomen after 4 weekly treatments

Vanquish before and afters for fat reduction of abdomen

Side view of female abdomen treated by Vanquish

U.S. Vanquish expert Dr. Melanie Palm uses Vanquish for no downtime, no pain fat reduction to the abdomen, and flanks

Female abdomen after treatment with Vanquish

  A good candidate for Vanquish is close to their ideal weight but has unwanted areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.  Vanquish auto-tunes itself to deliver more energy in areas of abundant fat, and less energy where there isn't as much to lose.  That way, even fat loss in the areas treated is ensured.   Currently, Art of Skin MD is running a promotion through the end of October 2013 on Vanquish.  Call the Staff at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 to find out how to save $1200 on your treatment.  Contact us through the Art of Skin MD website today!