Jul 19

Behind the Scenes at Art of Skin MD

      The inner workings of an efficient medical clinic can easily be compared to that of a finely-tuned machine – with each moving piece an integral part of the whole, creating a full circle that runs as smoothly as possible. With this in mind, Dr. Palm has been very selective in who she has asked to be a part of the team at Art of Skin MD, with her focus on creating a unique, caring and overall positive experience centered around each patient. From the start, Dr. Palm understood the importance of every role and this understanding is reflected through each person on our team.

Art of Skin MD Staff 2016

      Walking in the front doors of Art of Skin MD, patients are immediately greeted by our front desk duo, who in addition to creating a wonderful welcome in our reception area, are also juggling many other responsibilities. The reception position in Art of Skin MD is one of the most impactful jobs on the team, as this is who not only welcomes our patients but also who answers phones, schedules appointments and handles checkouts at the conclusion of patients’ visit with us. This position is one that takes a person who is able to know a little bit about a whole lot! They know our patients personally, are familiar with treatment and service time lengths, pre- and post-treatment instructions, insurances, products and are professional multi-taskers. Our front desk duo does an efficient and effective job at keeping the rest of the clinic running on time and they make sure that our medical assistants and Dr. Palm have all of the information they need to be able to see the patient before they leave the reception lobby.

      Once a patient is checked in by our front desk team, they are taken back by one of our medical assistants. The girls on our team of medical assistants are incredibly bright and able to balance a wide breadth of knowledge in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, anticipate questions that Dr. Palm may have about a patient’s visit and are the next moving part in keeping Dr. Palm’s schedule running efficiently. They, too, know our patients personally and know what is needed to ensure safety but also are familiar with what makes our patients most comfortable, as patient safety and comfort are both priorities at Art of Skin MD. Our medical assistants are an integral part of procedures and treatments including medical skin cancer screenings, cosmetic injectables, excisions and liposuction to name a few. They are, like everyone on the team, an extension of Dr. Palm herself.

      Another extension of Dr. Palm is Jessica Scott, BSN, RN. She is an excellent, skilled and very knowledgeable provider here at Art of Skin MD.  From laser treatments to injectables, Jessica offers a wide variety of treatments to patients as well as assists Dr. Palm with select procedures – she is an invaluable part of the team who balances contributing to Dr. Palm’s patients’ experiences while also treating her patients.

      Every finely-tuned machine has a mechanic who ensures not only that it is working properly, but also that each piece has what it needs to function at its best. This role in Art of Skin MD is filled by our very knowledgeable office manager – from inventory to people management, she is a true jane of all trades! This is a catch-all, know-all position and she is the go-to backup for every position on the team whenever she is needed.

      Pulling together each patient’s experience here at Art of Skin MD is the team’s fearless leader, Dr. Palm. She sets the tone for the team, leading by example and is a constant driving force for the entire team’s desire to create the kind of environment that makes patients want to return time and again. Through her constant emphasis on the importance of education and her support for those around her, this team couldn’t ask for a better leader. Each member of the team here at Art of Skin MD takes great pride in creating pleasant, unique and caring experiences for every patient who calls, emails or walks through our doors. We hope to leave the true impression of how much we care for our patients – it’s at the heart of all we do!

May 23

Sunscreen Breakdown – What You Need To Know

What’s in your sunscreen is just as important, if not more important as its SPF number. When deciding which sunscreen to purchase, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of choices out there. This is why Dr. Palm talked recently with Elle.com to discuss the differences between the two main “groups” of sunscreens and why one is very much superior to the other. The active ingredients in sunscreens are what separate the good from the not-so-good – and they are divided into two broad categories: physical and chemical. 

Physical vs. Chemical – The Breakdown

What they’re made of

Physical sunscreens are often referred to as “natural” sunscreens, because they are made up of either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (or both).  These are the only FDA-approved physical sunscreens and are both minerals, which is the reason they are often labeled as “natural.” 

Chemical sunscreens are made up with ingredients that are often hard to pronounce, such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, homoscalate, octinoxate and octocrylene. 

How they work

Physical sunscreen agents work by reflecting light that reaches the skin’s surface back into the environment. Many dermatologists, Dr. Palm included, prefer a physical-based sunscreen for this very reason. Zinc oxide has excellent coverage across the UV spectrum, even better than titanium dioxide, and published scientific literature shows that neither of the two are absorbed from the skin’s surface into the body. In fact, even micronized forms (where particles of sunscreen are invisible to the naked eye) cannot and do not penetrate the surface of the skin. They simply sit atop the skin’s surface, acting as a shield and reflecting the light back into the environment.

Chemical sunscreens work by converting light energy into heat on the surface of the skin, which may contribute to sun damage to the skin over time. The heat causes inflammation on the skin, which can cause premature aging. Anyone with melasma should be very weary of chemical sunscreens, as the heat produced on their skin by chemical sunscreens can further aggravate their pigmentation.

What to Look For When Shopping For Sunscreen

Dr. Palm recommends looking at the active ingredients on the label of the product. A physical sunscreen should list zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or both. She recommends using a zinc-based sunscreen with a 7% or higher concentration of zinc oxide. It’s also important that a sunscreen has an SPF of 30 or more and that it states it is “broad spectrum,” meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB. 

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May 8

Skin Cancer or Just A Mole?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and in an effort to help spread awareness, Dr. Palm was asked by Glamour Magazine to share not only her knowledge but also photos of her patients’ skin cancers for an article in their May 2017 issue.  As this can often be a confusing and sometimes scary topic, Dr. Palm is passionate about breaking down the information in an effort to educate as many people as possible and encourage patients to be proactive when it comes to their health.

While getting skin checks at least once per year is imperative, there are signs and symptoms that can be cause for concern. Here, Dr. Palm breaks down the differences between what is “normal” and what is cause for a visit to your board-certified dermatologist.

Normal Mole
Normal moles develop through our mid- to late-20s, and any moles that develop beyond this point in time should be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist.
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Mar 15

How To Attain & Maintain A Healthy Scalp

          Scalp health is vital to hair growth. It’s as simple as that. The reasons, though, are a bit more complex. Here, Dr. Palm breaks down the signs our scalps give us that say they are either healthy or not-so-healthy. And if yours is saying the latter, not to worry – she also offers tips on reviving the often forgotten area.

          Our scalps supply the network of blood vessels that nourish the base of the hair bulb, allowing it to grow with the proper nutrition, oxygenation and removal of toxic byproducts. When one of these necessities is interrupted, hair can be greatly effected. The result can be hair loss, sudden shedding, loss of hair density and even changes in hair architecture such as decreased hair strand width, sudden brittle hair or even a change in color.

          Are you having one or more of these symptoms? If so, I’m sure you’re wondering how can you know if your scalp’s health is the reason? Well, according to Dr. Palm, it really depends on the underlying cause for the symptoms. Non-scarring inflammatory conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis (or inflammatory dandruff) can cause redness, flaking, scaling, itching, tenderness and rashes. In some rare cases, acne-like lesions may result. Or, another reason could be an external exposure to a noxious substance, such as a hair dye someone is allergic to, which can cause redness, swelling, itching, hives, scaling, oozing, bleeding and in very rare cases, a systemic-wide body response called anaphylaxis. Continue reading

Dec 21

Indoor Tanning ban proposed for minors by FDA

On December 18, 2015 the FDA announced a Proposed Rule to help protect consumers against indoor tanning exposure.  Currently, 42 states have already enacted laws regarding indoor tanning bans, restrictions and consumer education regarding UV exposure from tanning beds, and the federal government is finally following suit.  The FDA has not addressed a ruling regarding on indoor tanning bed usage since 1985.


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Feb 23

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed at Art of Skin MD

Eyes are the window to the soul, but they are also the dead give away to when we are tired, and one of the first areas to age.  There is much that we can do to rejuvenate the eye area, and many of the steps are non-invasive and with minimal to no downtime.


1.  Relax overactive muscles.  Dysport and Botox ar botulinum toxin A products FDA-approved for frown lines.  Botox recently received approval for the crow's feet region referred to as lateral canthal folds.  Most dermatologists use Dysport and Botox in an off-label manner to many areas of the face and neck, including the crow's feet.  With a nearly painless procedure that lasts just a few minutes, crinkles along the expression lines of the eyes can be markedly softened within 4 to 7 days.


Botox like treatment for eye wrinkles

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May 25

Dudesport and Brotox: Dysport and Botox for Men!

Father's Day is right around the corner and you may be wondering what in the world to get that special guy in your life.


Well, if he has made a subtle mention of getting older, perhaps it is time to call in the troops at Art of Skin MD.  If the furrows between the brows need to be tamed, or the horizontal forehead lines are getting worse, or the wrinkles next to the eyes are no longer distinguishing but disheartening, perhaps it is ponder some wrinkle control for your man with Dysport or Botox.


Here are some great, short videos featuring Dysport administered by me (Dr. Melanie Palm) in a female patient to treat the forehead, brows, crow's feet and even the jelly roll underneath the eyes and nose wrinkles called bunny lines:


Angry 11's and Forehead treatment with Dysport:


Bunny lines of the nose treatment with Dysport:



Crow's feet and undereye (jelly roll) treatment with Dysport:


The reason I term Botox and Dysport with the nicknames "Brotox" and "Dudesport" when treating men is because my male patients receive treatment unique to their female counterparts.  Male patients often have stronger muscles, which means that more product may be required to soften the muscle movement causing wrinkles on the face.


Additionally, the technique of injection when treating males with Botox or Dysport differs somewhat from women.  Our facial features, men versus women, are different, and the ideals of what a feminine and masculine face is also differs.  A male brow should remain relatively horizontal and not curved or peaked like the female eyebrow.  Male brows in general are heavier than females.


Forehead muscle movement may also differ between my male and female patients.  For this reason, it is critical that a man deciding to treat his facial muscles with a neuromodulator select a board-certified dermatologist that is appreciative of the anatomical differences and goals with a male patient.


Dysport and Botox is a fast, easy, and painless treatment.  I ensure that patients are comfortable but thoroughly explaining the procedure and making them aware of next steps.  Furthermore, the use of very fine needles and pinching the skin for distraction and improved patient comfort.


Got questions and want answers.  Call Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.



Feb 4

Liposculpture: Liposuction without anesthesia or discomfort and harvested fat for volumizing!

The beginning of a new year and those first inklings of upcoming spring and summer get us thinking about personal improvements...and beach weather. And with the pool or beach comes the swimsuit...and wanting to look great in it!

Accusculpt laser lipolysis

So, if proper diet and exercise regimens have gotten you close to your ideal shape, but you are experiencing trouble spots that are stubborn improvement, it might be time to consider a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm to consider liposculpture. Liposculpture is a procedure that uses local anesthesia only to safely and comfortably remove unwanted deposits of fat. Frequently treated areas of tumescent liposuction include the neck and jowls on the face and various areas on the body. For men, the love handles and abdomen are a frequent area of treatment. For women, batwings of the upper arms, the abdomen, hips, thighs and even knees respond well to treatment with fat removal.


lipo surgeon san diego


Winter is the time to start thinking about liposuction as the results from liposuction take between three to six months to reach their maximum result. Because Dr. Palm uses only local tumescent numbing to the areas being treated, patients may return to work and activities quickly. Most patients can return to work within a few days and may return to their workouts within a week.


Dr. Palm augments the effects of liposuction in a few targeted areas to increase skin tightening.  Using the Accusculpt laser, Dr. Palm performs laser liposuction to tighten lax skin in problem areas such as the neck, arms, and abdomen.  The Accusculpt laser gently warms the undersurface of the skin to induce new collagen production and skin contraction and lifting.


If you are having fat removed, why not put it to good use? Harvested fat from liposculpture can be utilized in a variety of ways. Lipostructuring is the process of doing small, multiple fat transfers to ares of the body needing volume replacement. Most frequently, fat is used to replace aging changes and deflation on the face.


Injectables san diego


Aging around the eyes can be rejuvenated with fat. Loss of volume to the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and even around the mouth can be replenished with fat. Fat is your own tissue and is a plentiful filler, making it an economical choice for true overall facial rejuvenation. Fat can also be used elsewhere. Dr. Palm has used harvested fat to augment the derriere (buttock fat transfer) or to improve the appearance of dressed scars.


Intrigued and have more questions? Give the highly qualified staff at Art of Skin MD a call at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Palm. Feel free to contact us too at the Art of Skin MD contact page. Ask about our specials for 2013!

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