Jun 27

Fight the Flab: Laser Lipo to Rescue those Arms

Toned, fit, and sleek arms are what is always in.  But if you have been slaving away at the gym and eating salads day in and day out and those pesky upper arms don't seem to want to acquiesce to your fitness and meal routine...perhaps it is time to consider tumescent liposuction.   Here is a quick couple of videos demonstrating both laser liposuction using the Lutronic Accusculpt system as well as subsequent liposuction of the arms:   LASER LIPOSUCTION OF THE ARMS WITH THE ACCUSCULPT LASER:   TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION OF THE ARMS AFTER LASER TREATMENT:     Surgery may sound scary but at Art of Skin MD we take every measure to make patients comfortable, from the initial consultation, to the pre-operative visit, the procedure itself, and all of the follow-up visits.  Across the board, patients who have undergone liposuction with myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) have expressed how pleased they are with the outcome, how much they regret not having liposuction sooner, and how easy it was to get back to their busy lives.   Liposculpture at Art of Skin MD is performed by a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon at Art of Skin MD.  Patients receive a thorough consultation and examination before a treatment plan is developed, if liposuction is deemed the appropriate treatment.  During the procedure, every opportunity is made to make patients comfortable.  Music of your selection is piped into the open and spacious procedure room, and a pain-free experience is delivered through the use of tumescent anesthesia - dilute amounts of numbing that is placed in the areas of treatment.  This also ensures superior pain-control after the treatment and a quick recovery.  Absolutely no general anesthesia is required - thus tumescent liposculpture is an extremely safe treatment with an outstanding safety profile compared to going "under" for larger procedures.  In fact, there has NEVER been a patient fatality with a dermatologist performing liposuction using the purely tumescent anesthesia technique.   Laser liposuction using the Accusculpt is sometimes added to a procedure.  The laser is used to ease fat removal in certain areas.  The specific wavelength of the laser (1444 nm) is very specific to fat and helps to emulsify unwanted areas of fat. Laser liposuction is extremely helpful in areas needing skin tightening.  Areas of skin laxity under the neck, on the abdomen, or around the arms respond nicely to the tissue tightening capabilities of Accusculpt.   Long-term results following laser liposuction or traditional liposuction take time to mature.  Typically, a final result is not reached for 3-6 months.  In other words, the outcome keeps on improving for several months following the procedure.   Patients do extremely well after liposuction or laser liposuction.  Most patients are back to daily activities within a few days and back to exercise within a week.  The soreness in the day following the procedure is roughly equal to the muscle soreness experienced following an intense workout.  None of my patients have required more pain relief than what is afforded by extra strength Tylenol.  In fact, a couple of recent moms undergoing treatment have sprung back to their life very quickly.  One mother (unknown to me) attended a PTA meeting the day of her procedure and attended a field trip for her child the next day!  Amazing.   Still have questions or curiosity about the procedures described?  Call us at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.  We look forward to hearing from you.      

May 2

Liposuction made easy (with laser!) by Dr. Melanie Palm

With the 90 degree heat comes thoughts of pool weather and bathing suit season.  Sick of pesky and stubborn spots that seem to be resistant to even your best efforts at juicing and countless pilates and hot yoga classes?  Maybe it is time to consider a consultation with me to consider tumescent liposculpture and skin tightening using the Accusculpt device!  You just might be the perfect candidate...   Who is a good liposuction candidate?  Well, you should be someone close to your ideal (target) weight but has fatty deposits that are resistant to good habits in terms of diet and exercise.  All of us are given certain genetic attributes, and sometimes we lose the roll of the dice when it comes to unwelcome saddlebags, muffin tops, and the dreaded thunder thighs!  There is something that you can do with little downtime and NO GENERAL ANESTHESIA.   Tumescent anesthesia is used to locally numb the areas of treatment.  In areas where skin tightening is needed, I use the Accusculpt system from Lutronic first.  This laser liposuction device gently warms the undersurface of the skin and painlessly melts fat.  The desired effect is skin tightening and easier fat removal.   Check out this YouTube video of myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) performing Accusculpt on the back of the thighs:     Laser liposuction is most ideal in areas of skin laxity.  The neck, upper arms, lower abdomen, and thighs are most amenable to treatment.   After Accusculpt laser liposuction treatment, traditional tumescent liposuction (termed liposculpture) is performed.  Mind you, all of this is performed comfortably under ONLY local anesthesia.  I use small cannulas and without heavy sedation, patient recover QUICKLY.  This patient was in my office the next day and had minimal discomfort.  She did not event need the Tylenol she was prescribed.   Here is a short clip on YouTube demonstrating Liposculpture of the outer thigh region:     Liposuction does not have to be a feared procedure.  Performed by the artistic hand of Dr. Melanie Palm, the procedure can be gentle, comfortable, with an effortless recovery.  Curious?  Call the qualified staff at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.          

Mar 6

IPL Photofacial Treatment is a Snap!

Winter skin blahs got you down?  Consider a photofacial!  Also known as an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), this short, no-downtime procedure is a great way to rejuvenate the skin.  A quick patient demo for treatment of facial redness is shown below on our YouTube station:     Photofacial IPL is great for a variety of skin conditions,  Traditionally performed at monthly intervals as a series of treatments, IPL can improve rosacea, broken blood vessels called capillaries, and even pink-brown spots left behind by acne.  Not only does IPL treat red discoloration in the skin, but it also goes after brown spots usually related to sun or UV exposure,  Solar lentigines, melasma, and photoaged skin looks youthful, clearer, and sometimes smoother after a series of IPL treatments.   IPL can also be combined with photodynamic therapy for a more comprehensive, proactive approach to treating both skin aging and precancerous spots called actinic keratoses.   Art of Skin MD will be offering a flash sale on IPL in a few weeks.  Call our qualified staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) for details or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.    

Feb 26

Dr. Melanie Palm a Featured Speaker at National Laser Meeting ASLMS in Boston

April will be a busy month for laser specialists.  Nationally and internationally-recognized experts in laser science will converge in Boston this April for the laser meeting of the year, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).   I (Dr. Melanie Palm) am among the roster of speakers at this international meeting of the minds on the latest and greatest in lasers.  This year's talk will focus on developments in IPL technology as a part of the resident and fellow symposium.  Teaching the next generation proper techniques and safety is paramount not only to myself but for other members of the ASLMS.  Here is a quick demo of IPL in action for treating sun spots on the hands:     Check out just some of our other laser videos on the Art of Skin MD YouTube station to see how easily lasers can be used to treat many of the frustrating skin problems affecting us all.   Laser Hair Removal:   Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment:   Spectra Peel for melasma or pore size reduction:     Got questions?  Give us a call at (858)792-SKIN (7546) or through our Art of Skin MD Contact page.  

Jan 3

Rock Your Body in 2013 with Liposculpture

Accusculpt laser lipolysis   The heralding of a new year brings about reflections of how we will make changes for the better, both inside and out.  When exercise and proper diet are not enough to get you to your goal physical shape, it may be time to consider a body-shaping procedure such as liposculpture.   So what exactly is liposculpture?  It is liposuction performed exclusively under local anesthetic, or sometimes called "tumescent lipousction."  The procedure was pioneered by French surgeons and brought over to the U.S. by several physicians including dermatologists in the early 1980s.  A dermatologist determined that liposuction could be performed painlessly with very dilute numbing solution placed in the areas of treatment.  This increased patient comfort and decreased downtime with the procedure.   The advantages of liposculpture are many.  Much smaller cannulas (the instruments used to remove fat) are used with tumescent liposuction that traditional surgical lipo.  Additionally, tumescent liposuction performed by a trained cosmetic dermatologic surgeon reuqires no need for general anesthesia--and the inherent risks that come along with putting a patient to sleep.  Because of the fine instruments, more precise removal of fat is achieved, lessening the chance of surface irregularities when removing fat, as well as the chance of surgical complications.   lipo surgeon san diego   Patients experience minimal discomfort following liposculpture.  Typically, any soreness experienced is akin to muscle soreness after an intense workout--usually lasting several days.  Most patients can return to daily activities within a few days and aerobic activity within a week to 10 days.  Extra strength Tylenol is usually all that is required to help any soreness related to liposuction using the liposculpture technique.   Many areas of the body are ideal for fat removal.  Liposuction is used to achieve a better shape or to look better in your clothes--it is not  a diet or weight solution and does not improve cellulite.  Liposuction can have a dramatic result on patients with excess fat underneath the chin and neck area.  The hip area including the inner and outer thighs are frequent complaints for female patients and can be improved with liposuction.   Some areas of the body may benefit from the addition of a laser to liposculpture.  Flabby upper arms and mild skin looseness of the lower abdomen often benefit from the gentle heating and subsequent collagen formation and skin tightening of laser-assisted liposuction.  Dr. Palm utilizes the Accusculpt laser system to use laser liposuction ni the abdomen, arms and neck area.   Body sculpting southern california   A benefit of liposculpture is that the fat obtained during the procedure may be used to augment lost volume in other areas of the body or face.  Instead of using fillers, fat transfer may be used to recontour lost volume in the face--revolumizing deflated cheeks, nasolabial folds, even temples.  Alternatively, harvested fat can be used to augment one's posterior, enhancing the contour of the buttocks.   As a way to ring in 2013, Art of Skin MD is offering an exclusive special on laser liposuction.  Patients undergoing liposculpture in San Diego with Dr. Melanie Palm can enjoy liposuction for only $2013 per area in commemoration of the New Year.  Contact the staff at Art of Skin MD to schedule a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm.  Any questions?  Call us at 858.792.SKIN (7546).      

Dec 18

Winter Skin Tips with Dr. Palm: Lasers, topicals and more!

Holiday season heralds a flurry of parties, imbibing, decadent food, and cooler whether that can wreak havoc on the skin.  As Dr. Palm explains this morning on CW6 San Diego, there are both office-based procedures and at-home tips that can keep your skin glowing and dewy well through the New Year.  
Art of Skin MD director Dr. Melanie Palm explains lasers

Dr. Palm prepping the patient and the Spectra laser for the CW6 San Diego segment this morning.

                                                Click on the photo to see the whole broadcast on Dr. Palm, representing Art of Skin MD with the revolutionary Lutronic Spectra laser:   Spectra Laser for skin rejuvenation san diego Decreased temps and humidity levels with fall and winter months can lead to telltale signs of skin irritation including dryness, cracking, and even eczemaHands, arms, and the face are common affected areas and the skin may appear to lack luster and feel tight.   Here are some great tips for beautifying the skin during the holiday season:   Getting that winter glow:   1.  Office-based procedures can also improve the skin’s appearance.  Laser toning using the Lutronic Spectra laser is FDA-approved for the treatment of skin pigmentation such as melasma as well as for skin texture improvement including acne scarring.  Patients have remarked to me that they notice a glow to their skin as well as pore size minimization following a series of treatment.   2.  Keep moving and stay hydrated Cardiovascular activity boosts circulation to the skin ensuring nutrients are delivered and toxins removed.  This is especially essential after holiday festivities involving alcoholic beverages.   3.  Calm redness. Products such as Avene water and anti-Rougeur cleanser and moisturizer calm dilated blood vessels.  Products containing green tea can have the same effect.   4.  Tighten up. Microcurrent device NuFace provides a visible lift to facial skin for up to 72 hours and is a perfect boost pre-holiday party.  NuFace is FDA cleared for at home use in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating and toning facial muscle In-office procedures can produce more dramatic results over time.  This includes the no-downtime, nonsurgical facelift using Ultherapy, the only FDA-approved device for skin tightening of the lower face, neck, and brows   5.  Get Lit! Winter is a good time to consider no downtime procedures from your dermatologist.  We are often least tan during this time and it is ideal for no-downtime rejuvenating treatments including IPL.  This broad-band light based treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform and works on brown sun spots and broken blood vessels.  The hands, face, neck and chest yield phenomenal results.   6.  Eliminate lusterless skin by removing excess dead skin cells.  Mild exfoliation with products like alpha hydroxyacids (glycolic and lactic acid) or Sakura silk lift dead skin cells to improve glow.  The Clarisonic Brush uses sonicating energy with more than 300 movements per second removes 6x makeup and 2x dirt of regular washing.  Use for 60 seconds.  Great for sensitive and acne prone skin.     Got questions?  Call the highly qualified staff at Art of Skin MD at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.      

Oct 16

Hand Rejuvenation: You asked for it, here it is (IPL and Radiesse)

We had so much positive feedback from our video on Perlane use for restoration of volume on the back of the hands that by popular demand, here is a series of videos on complete hand rejuvenation including first Radiesse filler for volumizing atrophic, volume-depleted hands and IPL for removing brown spots due to sun exposure.   Radiesse is a calcium-based injectable filler called calcium hydroxylapatite.  It is FDA-approved for facial volumizing for folds and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds.  It is an excellent filler for the back of the hands, and when used in appropriate volumes, has no downtime, little swelling and no bruising!  A unique feature of Radiesse is that it causes something called "neocollagenesis."  This means that placement of Radiesse stimulates your own body to form collagen in the area of placement, allowing for a longer-lasting filling effect.  Typically, Radiesse lasts approximately 9-12 months, although this varies depending on the site of filler placement.  Dr. Palm mixes lidocaine in Radiesse prior to filler placement, ensuring that the experience is extremely comfortable for the patient.   Dr. Palm uses a special technique to fill the back the hands that makes it quick, easy, without side effects, and most importantly, painless!  Dr. Palm fills the hand with Radiesse using blunt shaped cannulas.  These are dull instruments that are not sharp like needles.  Similar to fat transfer to this area, Radiesse placement using cannulas avoids trauma to surrounding structures on the hands such as tendons, veins, fat, and skin.  Therefore there is no pain, and minimal disruption to the area of Radiesse placement.  This means minimal swelling, little chance for bruising, and increased safety with the procedure.  Check out the video below to watch Dr. Palm place Radiesse in the back of the hand.     After completing volume restoration to the hands, it is important to address pigmentary changes such as sun and age spots on these sun-exposed areas of the skin.  Ultraviolet light and sun exposure, especially UVA exposure, causes brown pigmentation to the skin.  Uneven pigmentation to the skin ages us.  A study done by Proctor & Gamble almost 10 years ago showed that the appearance of brown pigmentation can increased the perceived age of our skin by a decade--10 years!  Therefore, having a clear complexion on our skin provides a youthful look.   Many of us protect our face but neglect the skin on our neck, chest, and hands.  This ends up giving our age away.  IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a quick and easy way with no downtime to eliminate signs of photoaging.  IPL is a broad band light source that goes after and eliminates brown pigmentation and red discoloration.   At Art of Skin MD, patients are pre-treated with topical anesthetic, and then forced air cooling and cooled gel is provided during treatment so that the IPL procedure is actually a relaxing experience, rather than an uncomfortable one.  After IPL treatment, brown spots turn darker and flake off in 1-2 weeks.  Red discoloration takes several weeks to improve.  A series of IPL treatments is usually recommended, although 1-2 treatments on the hand with the M22 IPL device from Lumenis can make a dramatic difference.  There is no downtime associated with IPL, although sunscreen use, as always, is an important part of follow-up care and also to protect your results.   Check out Dr. Palm performing IPL on the hands in the short video below.  Contact Art of Skin MD today to schedule your consultation or call our highly qualified staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546).  

Oct 5

Aging Hands Be Gone: Rejuvenate with Radiesse and IPL Special!

IPL hand rejuvenation   If our eyes are the windows into our soul, then our hands tell the story of our age.  Oftentimes, we take great care of our face, but it is our neck, chest, and hands that give our true age away.  Over time, hands can become speckled with brown pigmentation including sun spots, veins become more prominent, and our tendons on the back of our hands more visible.   Alas, there is much we can do to spruce the hands up!  To disguise ropey veins and visible tendons, we can add volume back using a variety of fillers.  Excellent choices for hand rejuvenation are Radiesse, Perlane, and fat transplantation.  Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that also promotes new collagen growth, a process called "neocollagenesis."  Results last at least 9 to 12 months.  Perlane is in the Restylane family of products-- it is basically a larger molecule form of Restylane, both of which are hyaluronic acids.  Hyaluronic acid products plump the areas of filler placement, including the hands.  Finally, fat transplantation can be used to give longer lasting volume back to the hands.  Fat can be harvested quickly, painlessly, and easily during an office visit and transplanted to the back of the hands for a very natural looking result.   Regardless of the filler used, the procedure of hand volumization is painless with the use of blunt-tipped cannulas.  These novel devices reduce pain, trauma, swelling, and bruising associated with filler use.  Check out Dr. Palm's video demonstrating the technique...       To combat sun damage, a series of IPL treatments can be completed on the hands to remove brown spots from the sun and even firm up the skin.  An IPL is a quick treatment with no downtime, and at Art of Skin MD topical numbing is provided, which makes the procedure virtually painless.   During the month of October, Art of Skin MD is proud to offer a truly amazing special for TOTAL HAND REJUVENATION.  A single syringe of Radiesse is only $550, with a second syringe for $500.  And, IPL treatments of the hands are 50% off!   Let's make your hands happy!  Schedule your appointment today for hand rejuvenation with Radiesse and IPL by contacting us at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or through our Art of Skin MD website.    

Oct 2

Tattoo Taboo: The Newest Laser Tattoo Removal is Quick and Painless with Spectra Laser

Laser tattoo removal often conjures ideas akin to medieval torture tactics.  I often encounter patients that have less than stellar prior experiences in hopes of removing their tattoos or correcting skin conditions.  There is so much we can do to make the laser tattoo removal quick, easy and PAINLESS!!!   Just as important, there is much we can do to remove more challenging tattoos.  Traditionally, amateur tattoos (those created at home with non-professional devices) and black colored tattoos are those that are most easily removed.  Colored tattoos, on the other hand, are more difficult to remove--as are those tattoos created by professional tattoo artists.  Colored tattoo removal is difficult because of the laser type needed to treat them.  In particular, green, yellow, orange, red, and flesh-colored tattoo pigment are some of the most difficult to eliminate.   Now there is a single laser platform that can remove the vast majority of colored and black tattoos.  The Spectra laser is an extremely versatile laser.  Not only does it remove tattoos, but the same innovative technology of the Spectra laser can be used to treat melasma, acne, sun spots, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and large pore size.   At Art of Skin MD, we make every effort to keep patient safety and comfort paramount to your visit.  Patients, depending on their preference, are completely numbed in the area of treatment, either with topical cream or local numbing agents.  Check out the ease and speed of laser tattoo removal with Spectra in the clip below of a patient treated by Dr. Palm.       The Spectra Laser is unique in laser tattoo removal because of its large spot size (the size of the laser spot used to treat the skin).  It can also send laser pulses very frequently, making the treatment quick for the patient, even on large or extensive laser treatment.  You can see the ease of laser tattoo removal with Dr. Palm at Art of Skin MD in the video below:       Laser tattoo removal is always performed as a series of treatments.  Typically, patients are treated by Dr. Melanie Palm at an interval of every 4 weeks.  Depending on the type of tattoo, removal may take one treatment, or 10 or more.  The average tattoo requires around 6-10 laser treatments to remove.   Contact the well-informed staff at Art of Skin MD to find out more about laser tattoo removal using the Spectra laser.  Feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (858) 792-7546.        

Sep 12

Fractionated Laser Resurfacing (ECO2) –A Fantastic Special for September 2012 to Smooth Skin and Banish Wrinkles

Art of Skin MD and Dr. Melanie Palm are proud to introduce one of the newest laser innovations in laser skin resurfacing, the Lutronic ECO2.  This state-of-the-art device is used to eliminate wrinkles, improve skin texture, remove sun spots, and improve surgical, traumatic and acne scars.


As a special offering to patients, Dr. Melanie Palm is offering an unheard of value for laser resurfacing.  Normally priced at $4500 for the full face, Art of Skin MD is offering to qualified patients laser resurfacing for only $1500 during the month of September 2012.  Patients are encouraged to inquire with the Staff of Art of Skin MD at 858-792-SKIN (7546) to take advantage of this unheard of value.


Fraxel San Diego Art of Skin MD


Fractionated Skin resurfacing and is sometimes referred to as "Fraxel."  This procedure allows for dramatic improvement of facial wrinkles, eyelid droopiness, and vertical lip lines.  Acne scars and surgical scars can be greatly improved with treatment.  For an even more dramatic effect, the ECO2 can be combined with other procedures such as Intense Pulsed Light, Spectra laser treatment, photodynamic therapy, or injectables such as Sculptra for an even more dramatic facial rejuvenation.


Laser skin resurfacing with Lutronic ECO2 can also be used off the face to improve the skin.  The aging neck can be improved following treatment, as can aging hands or the chest or decolletage area.


Results for laser resurfacing continue to improve in the months following treatment.  Fractionated laser resurfacing has greatly decreased the downtime associated with traditional laser resurfacing.  Combining laser resurfacing with wrinkle treatments such as Botox and light fillers can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin.


Contact Art of Skin MD today to schedule your complimentary consultation during this limited time special.