Jun 27

Fight the Flab: Laser Lipo to Rescue those Arms

Toned, fit, and sleek arms are what is always in.  But if you have been slaving away at the gym and eating salads day in and day out and those pesky upper arms don't seem to want to acquiesce to your fitness and meal routine...perhaps it is time to consider tumescent liposuction.   Here is a quick couple of videos demonstrating both laser liposuction using the Lutronic Accusculpt system as well as subsequent liposuction of the arms:   LASER LIPOSUCTION OF THE ARMS WITH THE ACCUSCULPT LASER:   TUMESCENT LIPOSUCTION OF THE ARMS AFTER LASER TREATMENT:     Surgery may sound scary but at Art of Skin MD we take every measure to make patients comfortable, from the initial consultation, to the pre-operative visit, the procedure itself, and all of the follow-up visits.  Across the board, patients who have undergone liposuction with myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) have expressed how pleased they are with the outcome, how much they regret not having liposuction sooner, and how easy it was to get back to their busy lives.   Liposculpture at Art of Skin MD is performed by a board-certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon at Art of Skin MD.  Patients receive a thorough consultation and examination before a treatment plan is developed, if liposuction is deemed the appropriate treatment.  During the procedure, every opportunity is made to make patients comfortable.  Music of your selection is piped into the open and spacious procedure room, and a pain-free experience is delivered through the use of tumescent anesthesia - dilute amounts of numbing that is placed in the areas of treatment.  This also ensures superior pain-control after the treatment and a quick recovery.  Absolutely no general anesthesia is required - thus tumescent liposculpture is an extremely safe treatment with an outstanding safety profile compared to going "under" for larger procedures.  In fact, there has NEVER been a patient fatality with a dermatologist performing liposuction using the purely tumescent anesthesia technique.   Laser liposuction using the Accusculpt is sometimes added to a procedure.  The laser is used to ease fat removal in certain areas.  The specific wavelength of the laser (1444 nm) is very specific to fat and helps to emulsify unwanted areas of fat. Laser liposuction is extremely helpful in areas needing skin tightening.  Areas of skin laxity under the neck, on the abdomen, or around the arms respond nicely to the tissue tightening capabilities of Accusculpt.   Long-term results following laser liposuction or traditional liposuction take time to mature.  Typically, a final result is not reached for 3-6 months.  In other words, the outcome keeps on improving for several months following the procedure.   Patients do extremely well after liposuction or laser liposuction.  Most patients are back to daily activities within a few days and back to exercise within a week.  The soreness in the day following the procedure is roughly equal to the muscle soreness experienced following an intense workout.  None of my patients have required more pain relief than what is afforded by extra strength Tylenol.  In fact, a couple of recent moms undergoing treatment have sprung back to their life very quickly.  One mother (unknown to me) attended a PTA meeting the day of her procedure and attended a field trip for her child the next day!  Amazing.   Still have questions or curiosity about the procedures described?  Call us at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.  We look forward to hearing from you.      

May 2

Liposuction made easy (with laser!) by Dr. Melanie Palm

With the 90 degree heat comes thoughts of pool weather and bathing suit season.  Sick of pesky and stubborn spots that seem to be resistant to even your best efforts at juicing and countless pilates and hot yoga classes?  Maybe it is time to consider a consultation with me to consider tumescent liposculpture and skin tightening using the Accusculpt device!  You just might be the perfect candidate...   Who is a good liposuction candidate?  Well, you should be someone close to your ideal (target) weight but has fatty deposits that are resistant to good habits in terms of diet and exercise.  All of us are given certain genetic attributes, and sometimes we lose the roll of the dice when it comes to unwelcome saddlebags, muffin tops, and the dreaded thunder thighs!  There is something that you can do with little downtime and NO GENERAL ANESTHESIA.   Tumescent anesthesia is used to locally numb the areas of treatment.  In areas where skin tightening is needed, I use the Accusculpt system from Lutronic first.  This laser liposuction device gently warms the undersurface of the skin and painlessly melts fat.  The desired effect is skin tightening and easier fat removal.   Check out this YouTube video of myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) performing Accusculpt on the back of the thighs:     Laser liposuction is most ideal in areas of skin laxity.  The neck, upper arms, lower abdomen, and thighs are most amenable to treatment.   After Accusculpt laser liposuction treatment, traditional tumescent liposuction (termed liposculpture) is performed.  Mind you, all of this is performed comfortably under ONLY local anesthesia.  I use small cannulas and without heavy sedation, patient recover QUICKLY.  This patient was in my office the next day and had minimal discomfort.  She did not event need the Tylenol she was prescribed.   Here is a short clip on YouTube demonstrating Liposculpture of the outer thigh region:     Liposuction does not have to be a feared procedure.  Performed by the artistic hand of Dr. Melanie Palm, the procedure can be gentle, comfortable, with an effortless recovery.  Curious?  Call the qualified staff at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.          

Apr 3

Liposculpture Seminar with Dr. Palm: Shape Up for Summer

Accusculpt laser lipolysis

All are welcome to the Art of Skin MD special seminar Thursday, April 11th on the latest in body and facial contouring.  I'm (Dr. Melanie Palm) am pleased to discuss the latest in innovative techniques to address unwanted areas of fat and body imperfections.

Here are the Liposculpture Event details at Art of Skin MD:


Thursday, April 11th from 6 to 8 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm)

Light appetizers and drinkls will be served



Attendees will learn the latest techniques in minimally invasive liposculpture and laser liposuction using the Accusculpt system.  Liposculpture is performed completely painlessly by the use of tumescent anesthesia and fine sculpting cannulas.  Patients recover quickly from the procedure and there is no need for general anesthesia when using the tumescent technique to numb the areas of liposuction treatment.


Accusculpt laser liposuction system is a 1444 nm laser device used specifically to target unwanted areas of fat and for skin contraction.  Specifically, Dr. Palm uses it for facial sculpting, especially for stubborn jowls and along the jawline and neck.  On the body, the Accusculpt system is helpful in producing skin tightening to the upper arms and lower abdomen.  Accusculpt is performed, in many cases, just prior to traditional tumescent liposuction to enhance the tightening effect following liposuction.


What are areas that can be treated by liposculpture?  The answer is many... the inner and outer thighs, abdomen, saddle bags, hips, tummy bulge (abdomen), waist, arms, back, chest, and double chin can all be improved through liposuction.


So what can be done with the extracted fat?  FAT TRANSFER!  Why not use your own natural "filler" to rejuvenate the face, filling in areas of lost volume such as the temples, nasolabial folds, undereye hollows, and jawline.


At the seminar, I will discuss the procedure from start to finish, and multiple before and after lipo photos of Dr. Palm's own patients will be shown.


Attendance will be restricted to a small group so please RSVP early to attend.   Contact us at Art of Skin MD or call us at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to reserve your place today.




Feb 4

Liposculpture: Liposuction without anesthesia or discomfort and harvested fat for volumizing!

The beginning of a new year and those first inklings of upcoming spring and summer get us thinking about personal improvements...and beach weather. And with the pool or beach comes the swimsuit...and wanting to look great in it!

Accusculpt laser lipolysis

So, if proper diet and exercise regimens have gotten you close to your ideal shape, but you are experiencing trouble spots that are stubborn improvement, it might be time to consider a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm to consider liposculpture. Liposculpture is a procedure that uses local anesthesia only to safely and comfortably remove unwanted deposits of fat. Frequently treated areas of tumescent liposuction include the neck and jowls on the face and various areas on the body. For men, the love handles and abdomen are a frequent area of treatment. For women, batwings of the upper arms, the abdomen, hips, thighs and even knees respond well to treatment with fat removal.


lipo surgeon san diego


Winter is the time to start thinking about liposuction as the results from liposuction take between three to six months to reach their maximum result. Because Dr. Palm uses only local tumescent numbing to the areas being treated, patients may return to work and activities quickly. Most patients can return to work within a few days and may return to their workouts within a week.


Dr. Palm augments the effects of liposuction in a few targeted areas to increase skin tightening.  Using the Accusculpt laser, Dr. Palm performs laser liposuction to tighten lax skin in problem areas such as the neck, arms, and abdomen.  The Accusculpt laser gently warms the undersurface of the skin to induce new collagen production and skin contraction and lifting.


If you are having fat removed, why not put it to good use? Harvested fat from liposculpture can be utilized in a variety of ways. Lipostructuring is the process of doing small, multiple fat transfers to ares of the body needing volume replacement. Most frequently, fat is used to replace aging changes and deflation on the face.


Injectables san diego


Aging around the eyes can be rejuvenated with fat. Loss of volume to the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and even around the mouth can be replenished with fat. Fat is your own tissue and is a plentiful filler, making it an economical choice for true overall facial rejuvenation. Fat can also be used elsewhere. Dr. Palm has used harvested fat to augment the derriere (buttock fat transfer) or to improve the appearance of dressed scars.


Intrigued and have more questions? Give the highly qualified staff at Art of Skin MD a call at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Palm. Feel free to contact us too at the Art of Skin MD contact page. Ask about our specials for 2013!

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Jan 3

Rock Your Body in 2013 with Liposculpture

Accusculpt laser lipolysis   The heralding of a new year brings about reflections of how we will make changes for the better, both inside and out.  When exercise and proper diet are not enough to get you to your goal physical shape, it may be time to consider a body-shaping procedure such as liposculpture.   So what exactly is liposculpture?  It is liposuction performed exclusively under local anesthetic, or sometimes called "tumescent lipousction."  The procedure was pioneered by French surgeons and brought over to the U.S. by several physicians including dermatologists in the early 1980s.  A dermatologist determined that liposuction could be performed painlessly with very dilute numbing solution placed in the areas of treatment.  This increased patient comfort and decreased downtime with the procedure.   The advantages of liposculpture are many.  Much smaller cannulas (the instruments used to remove fat) are used with tumescent liposuction that traditional surgical lipo.  Additionally, tumescent liposuction performed by a trained cosmetic dermatologic surgeon reuqires no need for general anesthesia--and the inherent risks that come along with putting a patient to sleep.  Because of the fine instruments, more precise removal of fat is achieved, lessening the chance of surface irregularities when removing fat, as well as the chance of surgical complications.   lipo surgeon san diego   Patients experience minimal discomfort following liposculpture.  Typically, any soreness experienced is akin to muscle soreness after an intense workout--usually lasting several days.  Most patients can return to daily activities within a few days and aerobic activity within a week to 10 days.  Extra strength Tylenol is usually all that is required to help any soreness related to liposuction using the liposculpture technique.   Many areas of the body are ideal for fat removal.  Liposuction is used to achieve a better shape or to look better in your clothes--it is not  a diet or weight solution and does not improve cellulite.  Liposuction can have a dramatic result on patients with excess fat underneath the chin and neck area.  The hip area including the inner and outer thighs are frequent complaints for female patients and can be improved with liposuction.   Some areas of the body may benefit from the addition of a laser to liposculpture.  Flabby upper arms and mild skin looseness of the lower abdomen often benefit from the gentle heating and subsequent collagen formation and skin tightening of laser-assisted liposuction.  Dr. Palm utilizes the Accusculpt laser system to use laser liposuction ni the abdomen, arms and neck area.   Body sculpting southern california   A benefit of liposculpture is that the fat obtained during the procedure may be used to augment lost volume in other areas of the body or face.  Instead of using fillers, fat transfer may be used to recontour lost volume in the face--revolumizing deflated cheeks, nasolabial folds, even temples.  Alternatively, harvested fat can be used to augment one's posterior, enhancing the contour of the buttocks.   As a way to ring in 2013, Art of Skin MD is offering an exclusive special on laser liposuction.  Patients undergoing liposculpture in San Diego with Dr. Melanie Palm can enjoy liposuction for only $2013 per area in commemoration of the New Year.  Contact the staff at Art of Skin MD to schedule a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm.  Any questions?  Call us at 858.792.SKIN (7546).