Feb 23

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed at Art of Skin MD

Eyes are the window to the soul, but they are also the dead give away to when we are tired, and one of the first areas to age.  There is much that we can do to rejuvenate the eye area, and many of the steps are non-invasive and with minimal to no downtime.


1.  Relax overactive muscles.  Dysport and Botox ar botulinum toxin A products FDA-approved for frown lines.  Botox recently received approval for the crow's feet region referred to as lateral canthal folds.  Most dermatologists use Dysport and Botox in an off-label manner to many areas of the face and neck, including the crow's feet.  With a nearly painless procedure that lasts just a few minutes, crinkles along the expression lines of the eyes can be markedly softened within 4 to 7 days.


Botox like treatment for eye wrinkles

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Jul 10

Dysport Flash Sale – Summer Savings & Wrinkle Free

Botox virgins and Dysport divas, Brotoxers and Dudesporters - attention San Diego!  The Art of Skin MD Dysport flash sale is officially on!


For a limited time, you can save 30% off of Dysport botulinum toxin!  Dysport is a quick procedure and I assure to make it as effortless and painless as possible.  If you have been thinking about eliminating unwanted facial expression wrinkles for some time, or you are overdue from your last appointment, now is the time to save.


Check out our most recent Dysport patient as she receives treatment to the angry 11s, forehead frown lines, bunny lines, and crow's feet.   She did a great job and is featured on the Dr. Melanie Palm YouTube channel:


Dysport treatment to the glabella to treat furrowed brow:


Dysport Brow lift with lateral eyebrow:


Dysport to nose wrinkles for the treatment of bunny lines:


Dysport for horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles:


Dysport for treatment of crow's feet around the eyes:



Dysport and Botox injections should be simple, easy procedures but the artistry of using these injectables comes with experienced hands.  As a Valeant and Medicis luminary, meaning that I serve as a training and speaking physician as well as thought leader for these brands, patients at Art of Skin MD experience an individualized treatment plan when evaluating the face for neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.


Treatment with chemomodulators such as Botox is not formulaic.  Everyone's musculature and facial expressions are unique, and therefore, so should be his or her treatment plan when it comes to treating wrinkles caused by facial expression.  The treatment goal of any botulinum toxin should be relaxation, NOT paralysis.  I frequently tell patients that I would prefer treatment to be more conservative, maintaining softened facial expressions and tweaking areas slightly with the first treatment if I err on the side of increased, rather than decreased movement.


Although the angry 11s (between the eyebrows), forehead, and crow's feet are most commonly treated with Dysport, many other areas on and off the face are improved with muscle relaxation.  A browlift can be achieved by placing a small amount of Dysport or Botox to the lateral eyebrow.  Migraines can be treated by placing small amounts of neurotoxin to the forehead, temples, and back of the scalp depending on trigger points.  Large jawlines caused by over-trained jaw muscles called the masseters can be re-shaped over time with Dysport and Botox.


The lower face and neck can be successfully treated with any of the neuromodulators.  A downturned mouth can be brought to a pleasant neutral position by injecting a small amount of chemomodulator to the jawline to treat a muscle called the depressor angularis oris.  A pebbly chin sometimes referred to as an orange peel or in French, peau d'orange, can be treated by injecting the mentalis, the chin muscle.  I frequently inject minute amounts of Dysport around the mouth to help with vertical lip lines called lipstick lines or smoker's lines.  A small amount of Botox can be placed at the base of the nose to elevate the nasal tip.  Patients with neck bands can be improved by injecting the platysma muscle.  Small amounts of Botox or Dysport can be placed along the side of the jawline to lift the tissues creating a "Nefrititi lift."


Other medical conditions can be amenable to Botox and Dysport treatment.  Hyperhidrosis  or excessive sweating of the underarms, palms, and soles is greatly improved with chemomodulator treatment.  Patients with Bell's Palsy in which one side of the face experiences partial muscle paralysis can be balanced by delivering very small amounts of Botox or Dysport to complementary muscle groups on the unaffected side of the face.  Facial flushing and redness has even been reported to improve in some patients following microinjections of botulinum toxin.


Enjoy Dysport savings at Art of Skin MD by taking advantage of our Flash Sale offer.  This week Dysport injections are being offered at $3/unit.  To take advantage of this very limited time offer, contact the Staff at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or via the web at the Art of Skin MD contact page.



Jun 18

Men at Work…without Wrinkles using Dysport

Dysport and Botox work well on wrinkles....for men!  As June is Men's Month at Art of Skin  MD, we want to celebrate the favorite guys in your life by giving them the gift of rejuvenation.  This month the special guys in your life can save big on Botox and Dysport with $100 off per area.   Guys can get Dysport and Botox too!  Minimally invasive procedures and injectable procedures like these are increasing among men, and the opportunity for savings through our Men's month special is a perfect opportunity for handsome gents to try out the wrinkle-treating power of neuromodulators.   Dysport and Botox are approached differently in men versus women.  Men have greater muscle strength in the face that requires approaching them differently.  Men should retain their masculine features, and that is why it is important to have an expert injector treating men.   Curious about Dysport in men?  Here is a quick video featuring myself (Dr. Palm) injecting a typical male patient:         Interested in finding out more about the treatment of Dysport or Botox for men?  Call us at 858.792.7546 or contact us through the Art of Skin MD contact page.    

May 25

Dudesport and Brotox: Dysport and Botox for Men!

Father's Day is right around the corner and you may be wondering what in the world to get that special guy in your life.


Well, if he has made a subtle mention of getting older, perhaps it is time to call in the troops at Art of Skin MD.  If the furrows between the brows need to be tamed, or the horizontal forehead lines are getting worse, or the wrinkles next to the eyes are no longer distinguishing but disheartening, perhaps it is ponder some wrinkle control for your man with Dysport or Botox.


Here are some great, short videos featuring Dysport administered by me (Dr. Melanie Palm) in a female patient to treat the forehead, brows, crow's feet and even the jelly roll underneath the eyes and nose wrinkles called bunny lines:


Angry 11's and Forehead treatment with Dysport:


Bunny lines of the nose treatment with Dysport:



Crow's feet and undereye (jelly roll) treatment with Dysport:


The reason I term Botox and Dysport with the nicknames "Brotox" and "Dudesport" when treating men is because my male patients receive treatment unique to their female counterparts.  Male patients often have stronger muscles, which means that more product may be required to soften the muscle movement causing wrinkles on the face.


Additionally, the technique of injection when treating males with Botox or Dysport differs somewhat from women.  Our facial features, men versus women, are different, and the ideals of what a feminine and masculine face is also differs.  A male brow should remain relatively horizontal and not curved or peaked like the female eyebrow.  Male brows in general are heavier than females.


Forehead muscle movement may also differ between my male and female patients.  For this reason, it is critical that a man deciding to treat his facial muscles with a neuromodulator select a board-certified dermatologist that is appreciative of the anatomical differences and goals with a male patient.


Dysport and Botox is a fast, easy, and painless treatment.  I ensure that patients are comfortable but thoroughly explaining the procedure and making them aware of next steps.  Furthermore, the use of very fine needles and pinching the skin for distraction and improved patient comfort.


Got questions and want answers.  Call Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.



Mar 13

Dr. Palm Dishes on Dysport and Natural-Looking Results

Dysport (abobotulinum toxin A) is one of the newer "kids on the block" in terms of neuromodulators--a class of medications that relax overactive muscle movement.  Available in other countries for many years, Dysport is a newer addition to American dermatologists seeking to tame stubborn wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes.   Curious what proper injection technique of Dysport looks like?  See how Dr. Palm performs nearly painless injections of Dysport through the short YouTube video below:     The key to natural looking results following Dysport or Botox Cosmetic injections is restraint.  After treatment with Dysport, a person should have relaxed facial expression--not frozen and devoid of all of those facial expressions and characteristics that communicate to others how you feel.   According to FDA-approval, Dysport is approved for up to 4 months of duration.  Additionally, some feel that Dysport may "kick in" a day or so sooner than Botox.  Both products are quite similar and the choice of which product to use is up to the discretion of the patient and physician.   Got questions?  Did we pique your interest in Dysport?  Call us at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.