Nov 18

Pumpkin Peel & ResurFX for Holiday Skin

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means everything holiday including everything PUMPKIN!!!  Pumpkin lattes, candles, and pies scent the air, so why not enjoy this yummy scent with a fabulous facial peel ripe for the fall season?  Read on to understand the benefits of our new pumpkin peel...

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Sep 4

Vanquish radiofrequency fat reduction: Beat the Belly Bulge without pain or downtime!

Nonsurgical, no downtime, painless fat removal with RF in San Diego, California

  Art of Skin MD is delighted to announce it is the first dermatology practice in San Diego to offer Vanquish.  Vanquish is the newest revolution in non-surgical fat removal.  It uses radiofrequency to gently heat the targeted area of unwanted fat and decrease waist circumference after a series of treatments.   Click below to watch Art of Skin MD featuring myself (Dr. Melanie Palm) discuss the revolution in nonsurgical fat removal with Vanquish on San Diego Fox 5:     Vanquish is easy and PAINLESS.  A treatment series typically involves 4-6 weekly sessions.  Each session lasts 30 minutes, and there is absolutely no discomfort.  The treatment feels like a heating pad or blanket has been treated over the entire abdomen.  Most patients relax and watch a movie or take a nap during treatment.  
radiofrequency fat melting

Vanquish radio frequency nonsurgical, no downtime, no pain fat reduction therapy

        After Vanquish treatment, there is NO DOWNTIME.    The area of treatment feels warm to the touch and the skin may appear slightly pink for a period of minutes to an hour or two.  Unlike other nonsurgical fat reduction therapies, Vanquish does not hurt during administration, and there is no need for pain medication following treatment.   Vanquish is currently FDA-approved for deep tissue heating and final studies are pending for approval for fat reduction.  According to European studies, an average person lost 2.23 inches off their waist circcumference after four weekly treatments.   The Vanquish offers the largest surface area of treatment out of any fat reduction technology currently on the market.  The large platform with adjustable wings on Vanquish can comfortably treat the majority of an average abdomen as well as the flanks (sides of the waist).  Other areas beyond the "spare tire" and the "bulge of the belly" can be treated.  When used to treat the back of the waist and hips, Vanquish can address the "muffin top" above the waist of your favorite jeans.  Other areas that we have addressed in patients using the Vanquish includes the bra line and upper back fat as well as the outer thighs.  It is likely that with time other applications for Vanquish in smaller areas will be available such as for the upper arms and inner thighs. Here are some before and after photos from the International BTL Vanquish site:  
Radiofrequency fat reduction of male abdomen

Vanquish treatment of male abdomen after 4 weekly treatments

Vanquish before and afters for fat reduction of abdomen

Side view of female abdomen treated by Vanquish

U.S. Vanquish expert Dr. Melanie Palm uses Vanquish for no downtime, no pain fat reduction to the abdomen, and flanks

Female abdomen after treatment with Vanquish

  A good candidate for Vanquish is close to their ideal weight but has unwanted areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.  Vanquish auto-tunes itself to deliver more energy in areas of abundant fat, and less energy where there isn't as much to lose.  That way, even fat loss in the areas treated is ensured.   Currently, Art of Skin MD is running a promotion through the end of October 2013 on Vanquish.  Call the Staff at Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 to find out how to save $1200 on your treatment.  Contact us through the Art of Skin MD website today!  

Aug 31

Art of Skin MD by Dr. Melanie Palm voted San Diego A-List “Best Medical Spa”

Art of Skin MD by Dr. Melanie Palm is A-List Best Medical Spa San Diego

  I'm so proud to announce that Art of Skin MD was announced as "Best Medical Spa" according to the San Diego A-List.  We cannot thank all of our lovely patients enough for expressing their support and helping us to attain this honor!   San Diego A-List identifies each year the outstanding health and beauty business of San Diego.  We are thrilled that after being open for just over a year, that Art of Skin MD has become THE destination for skin care in San Diego.  Nestled in the beautiful coastal community of Solana Beach, Art of Skin MD is the perfect boutique dermatology practice and medical spa to relax, rejuvenation, and rejoice.   Candace Cavin is Art of Skin MD's aesthetician guru.  She offers a full spectrum of aesthetic services including peels, facials, Dermasweep microdermabrasion and infusions, brow shaping and tinting, and waxing.  She has very skilled hands, and very pleased clients.  Be sure to take advantage of our special end of summer "Peel Deal" to see what Candace is all about.  You will be hooked!   Call Art of Skin MD at (858) 792.7546 for more information on our aesthetician offerings or contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage.                

Dec 27

Dermasweep – The Next Generation in Skin Care Infusions and Microdermabrasion

Art of Skin MD and our Aesthetician Services is proud to announce the arrival of DermaSweep.  DermaSweep is a closed-system microdermabrasion and skin infusion device.  In two steps, if first clears away dull, dead skin cells and secondly, adds back specifically chosen infusions to the skin to hydrate, and treat the skin.   DermaSweep is different from other microdermabrasion systems.  It does not use particles such as crystals.  As a result of the vacuum assist technology, upper layers of the skin are safely and painlessly removed, leaving glowing, fresh, and smooth skin in its place.  This is considered the "dry" portion of the DermaSweep treatment.   The second phase of DermaSweep treatment is the "wet" or "epi-infusion" treatment.  During this portion of DermaSweep, a specially selected infusion treatment (anti-acne, hydrating, anti-aging, antioxidant) is used to hydrate the skin, leaving the appearance silky smooth and skin glowing. A short video of the procedure from the Art of Skin MD YouTube station is featured below and narrated by Dr. Melanie Palm:       DermaSweep is highly effective as a complementary treatment for the following conditions: *Fine lines from early aging *Sun-damaged or photodamaged skin *Dull-appearing skin *Acne-prone skin *Hyperpigmenation and melasma *Enlarged pores   DermaSweep is an excellent complement to most facials provided through our Aesthetician Services.  DermaSweep works well in conjunction with laser treatment and photofacials.  Rosacea and sun damage treated with IPL can also be joined with a series of DermaSweep for total skin rejuvenation.  Pigment-targeting DermaSweep infusions can complement melasma treatments such as the Spectra laser.  Hydrating infusions from DermaSweep can follow skin treated by photodynamic therapy (for precancerous skin lesion treatment) or fractionated laser skin resurfacing.   Contact the staff at Art of Skin MD or call (858) 792-SKIN (7546) to find out more about DermaSweep and incorporating this innovative procedure into your skin care regimen.    

Dec 10

Uplift with Ultherapy: The Nonsurgical, Ultrasound Facelift

Art of Skin MD and Dr. Melanie Palm are proud to unveil the ultimate in no-downtime, nonsurgical skin tightening for the neck, face, and brows....Ultherapy!   Art of Skin MD dermatologist san diego   Exclusive to our Facebook fans, Art of Skin MD followers may now enjoy a savings of $1000 off their Ultherapy treatment!!!  Just click here to follow the link to the Art of Skin MD deal savings!   brow lift special san diego Ulthera offers a no-downtime, gradual, yet dramatic, skin tightening for the neck, face, and brows.  Ultherapy is a 30-60 minute procedure that transmits ultrasound energy deep belowo the skin and fat tissue to the deep connective tissue that is the foundational structure for our face and neck.  Patients are comfortable due to Dr. Palm's strict adherence to patient needs including local nerve blocks, air cooling, and even relaxing music!  Results are visible within 3 to 6 months.   The skin tightening effects of Ultherapy can be complemented with the liquid facelift using Sculptra.  The collagen-stimulating effect of Sculptra Aesthetic results in natural-looking facial rejuvenation.  Art of Skin MD patients selecting treatment with Ulthera + Sculptra will receive a free IPL photofacial!   Check out the Art of Skin MD photo gallery for before and after Ultherapy photos.  
Art of Skin MD Dr. Melanie Palm Ulthera

Ulthera of the lower face

  Contact us through the Art of Skin MD website or call our staff at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to find out more about our Ultherapy and Sculptra specials.      

Dec 6

Ultherapy: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift

Ultrasound skin tightening san diego Art of Skin MD Art of Skin MD is proud to announce the arrival of Ulthera - THE choice for a nonsurgical facelift and/or brow lift.  Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved device approved for skin tightening and lifting of the neck, lower face, and brow.  
Nonsurgical facelift san diego Art of Skin MD

Before and after 1 treatment with Ultherapy to the lower face

                      Loose, lax tissue on the face and jawline got you down? Not ready for invasive surgical procedures such as a facelift? Then Ultherapy might be the answer you are looking is the scoop:   1.  Ultherapy has NO downtime!  Treatment with the device takes approximately 30-60 minutes and with proper pain management (carefully administered nerve blocks), the procedure is quite comfortable. 2.  Ultherapy results are dramatic but occur gradually.  The tightening effect occurs over approximately 3 to 6 months and lasts for over a year.  For patients with pronounced skin laxity, more than one treatment may be needed for the desired skin tightening effect. 3.  Ultherapy works by targeting the deep tissues that are tightened and re-draped during a facelift, but with minimal discomfort and a fraction of the price.   Ultherapy works to create new collagen in the connective tissue that physicians treat during surgery.   Here are some great (and representative) before and after photos of Ulthera:  
skin tightening san diego

Full face treatment with Ultherapy with 1 year follow-up

Nonsurgical eye surgery san diego

Brow lift 4 months after undergoing Ultherapy to the upper face

                                            Get ahead of the game in terms of skin toning and rejuvenation.  Experience Ulthera in a comfortable, caring, and enjoyable environment with Dr. Palm.  She would be happy to talk to about it....she her self has been treated with Ulthera and can give you a first hand account of the benefits of Ulthera!   Like what you are reading about Ulthera.  Contact the expert staff at Art of Skin MD through the Art of Skin MD contact page or by calling 858.792.7546.   Check out the Art of Skin MD Facebook page  to find EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on Ultherapy that save you up to $1000 off your treatment at Art of Skin MD with expert dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm.     Inquire about a special introductory offers when combining the tightening power of Ultherapy and a liquid facelift using Sculptra!      

Nov 28

Belotero Balance: Banish Fine Lip Lines and Crow’s Feet

Belotero Balance is the newest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler.  Unlike other dermal injectables, Belotero is meant to be placed superficially in the skin, in a layer called the dermis.   This means that Belotero is able to correct fine lines and wrinkles that cannot be smoothed with other fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse.  These other fillers should not be placed so far high up in the skin.  The result of placement of other hyaluronic acid fillers can lead to blue discoloration due to a phenomenon called the Tyndall effect.  Radiesse, made up of calcium hydroxylapatite (the same mineral composition as bone), if placed too superficially could cause white lumps or discoloration.   Lumpiness could also occur with superficial placement of other fillers by unskilled injectors.  Belotero Balance, on the other hand, is composed of a smooth, double-linked form of hyaluronic acid.  This means it seamlessly incorporates into the superficial layers of the skin, creating a smooth contour and lifting fine lines to correct wrinkles in stubborn areas such as crow's feet, lip lines, and parentheses around the mouth.  Belotero is another great option for correcting angry 11's caused by muscular movement around the brow.  

Belotero balance wrinkle filler san diego

  New filler Belotero Balance wrinkle correction by San Diego dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm   Belotero comes to the cosmetic dermatology practice from Merz, the company that provides the longer term collagen-producing filler Radiesse.  Merz is also the maker of type A botulinum toxin product Xeomin as well as the sclerosing injectable Asclera, which in its foamed form of polidocanol is very effective in treating spider and varicose veins.   Belotero does not come with lidocaine already mixed into the filler.  As a result, Dr. Palm uses various methods to increase patient comfort during the procedure.  Admixing a small amount of lidocaine into the filler can be used to decrease discomfort.  Alternatively, at Art of Skin MD we routinely utilize regional nerve blocks, topical numbing, and cold packs to increase patient comfort and decrease the opportunity for side effects.   Belotero Balance is offered by expert injector and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Palm at Art of Skin MD.  Schedule a consultation by contacting Art of Skin MD or calling us at 858.792.SKIN (7546).