Oct 16

Hand Rejuvenation: You asked for it, here it is (IPL and Radiesse)

We had so much positive feedback from our video on Perlane use for restoration of volume on the back of the hands that by popular demand, here is a series of videos on complete hand rejuvenation including first Radiesse filler for volumizing atrophic, volume-depleted hands and IPL for removing brown spots due to sun exposure.   Radiesse is a calcium-based injectable filler called calcium hydroxylapatite.  It is FDA-approved for facial volumizing for folds and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds.  It is an excellent filler for the back of the hands, and when used in appropriate volumes, has no downtime, little swelling and no bruising!  A unique feature of Radiesse is that it causes something called "neocollagenesis."  This means that placement of Radiesse stimulates your own body to form collagen in the area of placement, allowing for a longer-lasting filling effect.  Typically, Radiesse lasts approximately 9-12 months, although this varies depending on the site of filler placement.  Dr. Palm mixes lidocaine in Radiesse prior to filler placement, ensuring that the experience is extremely comfortable for the patient.   Dr. Palm uses a special technique to fill the back the hands that makes it quick, easy, without side effects, and most importantly, painless!  Dr. Palm fills the hand with Radiesse using blunt shaped cannulas.  These are dull instruments that are not sharp like needles.  Similar to fat transfer to this area, Radiesse placement using cannulas avoids trauma to surrounding structures on the hands such as tendons, veins, fat, and skin.  Therefore there is no pain, and minimal disruption to the area of Radiesse placement.  This means minimal swelling, little chance for bruising, and increased safety with the procedure.  Check out the video below to watch Dr. Palm place Radiesse in the back of the hand.     After completing volume restoration to the hands, it is important to address pigmentary changes such as sun and age spots on these sun-exposed areas of the skin.  Ultraviolet light and sun exposure, especially UVA exposure, causes brown pigmentation to the skin.  Uneven pigmentation to the skin ages us.  A study done by Proctor & Gamble almost 10 years ago showed that the appearance of brown pigmentation can increased the perceived age of our skin by a decade--10 years!  Therefore, having a clear complexion on our skin provides a youthful look.   Many of us protect our face but neglect the skin on our neck, chest, and hands.  This ends up giving our age away.  IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a quick and easy way with no downtime to eliminate signs of photoaging.  IPL is a broad band light source that goes after and eliminates brown pigmentation and red discoloration.   At Art of Skin MD, patients are pre-treated with topical anesthetic, and then forced air cooling and cooled gel is provided during treatment so that the IPL procedure is actually a relaxing experience, rather than an uncomfortable one.  After IPL treatment, brown spots turn darker and flake off in 1-2 weeks.  Red discoloration takes several weeks to improve.  A series of IPL treatments is usually recommended, although 1-2 treatments on the hand with the M22 IPL device from Lumenis can make a dramatic difference.  There is no downtime associated with IPL, although sunscreen use, as always, is an important part of follow-up care and also to protect your results.   Check out Dr. Palm performing IPL on the hands in the short video below.  Contact Art of Skin MD today to schedule your consultation or call our highly qualified staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546).  

Oct 9

LaViv: Your Personal Answer to Facial Volume Loss

Think stem cell therapy is a thing of the future?  Not true!  The first personalized approach to fillers is already available.  LaViv is the first FDA-approved product that creates volume for the face by using your own cells.  Read on to learn more...   LaViv is a personalized approach to facial rejuvenation.  The process is simple and occurs in two steps.  The first step is tissue harvesting.  During a simple 5-10 minute procedure, Dr. Melanie Palm painlessly obtains three small samples of skin from behind the ear.  The procedure is similar to a skin biopsy, and is performed by completely numbing the area prior to obtaining the skin samples.  The patient receives a couple of stitches that are removed approximately 1 week later.  Watch Dr. Palm perform this first step on an actual patient in the video below:     The skin samples are carefully labeled and transported to the LaViv Fibrocell Sciences laboratory.  At this facility, the skin samples are used to produce millions and millions of cells called fibroblasts.  Fibroblasts are an extremely important cell.  They reside in the second layer of our skin called the dermis.  Fibroblasts are collagen producers, and as collagen creates the support and structure of our skin, fibroblasts are vitally important in maintaining the health, structure, glow, texture, and appearance of our skin.   It takes approximately 3 months for the LaViv laboratory to produce a sufficient amount of fibroblasts to inject into the skin for facial rejuvenation.  After the incubation period, the LaViv patient comes back to clinic for a series of 3 monthly visits.  At each visit, LaViv is injected into areas of volume loss such as the nasolabial folds.  LaViv seems to work quite well in softening fine etched in lines.  LaViv also helps build volume by promoting your own collagen growth.  Thus, many doctors including Dr. Melanie Palm inject LaViv strategically all over the face.   The results from LaViv injection take several months to occur.  Gradual volume replacement occurs over this time period.  LaViv may complement other procedures.  For example, LaViv could be complementary to other skin rejuvenating procedures such as laser resurfacing.   The cost of LaViv is one flat fee that covers the skin sampling, lab processing, and the three subsequent visits to place the injectable product.  If you would like to learn more about LaViv, call Art of Skin MD at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation or contact us conveniently through our Art of Skin MD website.    

Oct 5

Aging Hands Be Gone: Rejuvenate with Radiesse and IPL Special!

IPL hand rejuvenation   If our eyes are the windows into our soul, then our hands tell the story of our age.  Oftentimes, we take great care of our face, but it is our neck, chest, and hands that give our true age away.  Over time, hands can become speckled with brown pigmentation including sun spots, veins become more prominent, and our tendons on the back of our hands more visible.   Alas, there is much we can do to spruce the hands up!  To disguise ropey veins and visible tendons, we can add volume back using a variety of fillers.  Excellent choices for hand rejuvenation are Radiesse, Perlane, and fat transplantation.  Radiesse is a calcium-based filler that also promotes new collagen growth, a process called "neocollagenesis."  Results last at least 9 to 12 months.  Perlane is in the Restylane family of products-- it is basically a larger molecule form of Restylane, both of which are hyaluronic acids.  Hyaluronic acid products plump the areas of filler placement, including the hands.  Finally, fat transplantation can be used to give longer lasting volume back to the hands.  Fat can be harvested quickly, painlessly, and easily during an office visit and transplanted to the back of the hands for a very natural looking result.   Regardless of the filler used, the procedure of hand volumization is painless with the use of blunt-tipped cannulas.  These novel devices reduce pain, trauma, swelling, and bruising associated with filler use.  Check out Dr. Palm's video demonstrating the technique...       To combat sun damage, a series of IPL treatments can be completed on the hands to remove brown spots from the sun and even firm up the skin.  An IPL is a quick treatment with no downtime, and at Art of Skin MD topical numbing is provided, which makes the procedure virtually painless.   During the month of October, Art of Skin MD is proud to offer a truly amazing special for TOTAL HAND REJUVENATION.  A single syringe of Radiesse is only $550, with a second syringe for $500.  And, IPL treatments of the hands are 50% off!   Let's make your hands happy!  Schedule your appointment today for hand rejuvenation with Radiesse and IPL by contacting us at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or through our Art of Skin MD website.    

Oct 2

Tattoo Taboo: The Newest Laser Tattoo Removal is Quick and Painless with Spectra Laser

Laser tattoo removal often conjures ideas akin to medieval torture tactics.  I often encounter patients that have less than stellar prior experiences in hopes of removing their tattoos or correcting skin conditions.  There is so much we can do to make the laser tattoo removal quick, easy and PAINLESS!!!   Just as important, there is much we can do to remove more challenging tattoos.  Traditionally, amateur tattoos (those created at home with non-professional devices) and black colored tattoos are those that are most easily removed.  Colored tattoos, on the other hand, are more difficult to remove--as are those tattoos created by professional tattoo artists.  Colored tattoo removal is difficult because of the laser type needed to treat them.  In particular, green, yellow, orange, red, and flesh-colored tattoo pigment are some of the most difficult to eliminate.   Now there is a single laser platform that can remove the vast majority of colored and black tattoos.  The Spectra laser is an extremely versatile laser.  Not only does it remove tattoos, but the same innovative technology of the Spectra laser can be used to treat melasma, acne, sun spots, rosacea, broken blood vessels, and large pore size.   At Art of Skin MD, we make every effort to keep patient safety and comfort paramount to your visit.  Patients, depending on their preference, are completely numbed in the area of treatment, either with topical cream or local numbing agents.  Check out the ease and speed of laser tattoo removal with Spectra in the clip below of a patient treated by Dr. Palm.       The Spectra Laser is unique in laser tattoo removal because of its large spot size (the size of the laser spot used to treat the skin).  It can also send laser pulses very frequently, making the treatment quick for the patient, even on large or extensive laser treatment.  You can see the ease of laser tattoo removal with Dr. Palm at Art of Skin MD in the video below:       Laser tattoo removal is always performed as a series of treatments.  Typically, patients are treated by Dr. Melanie Palm at an interval of every 4 weeks.  Depending on the type of tattoo, removal may take one treatment, or 10 or more.  The average tattoo requires around 6-10 laser treatments to remove.   Contact the well-informed staff at Art of Skin MD to find out more about laser tattoo removal using the Spectra laser.  Feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (858) 792-7546.