Nov 28

Belotero Balance: Banish Fine Lip Lines and Crow’s Feet

Belotero Balance is the newest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler.  Unlike other dermal injectables, Belotero is meant to be placed superficially in the skin, in a layer called the dermis.   This means that Belotero is able to correct fine lines and wrinkles that cannot be smoothed with other fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse.  These other fillers should not be placed so far high up in the skin.  The result of placement of other hyaluronic acid fillers can lead to blue discoloration due to a phenomenon called the Tyndall effect.  Radiesse, made up of calcium hydroxylapatite (the same mineral composition as bone), if placed too superficially could cause white lumps or discoloration.   Lumpiness could also occur with superficial placement of other fillers by unskilled injectors.  Belotero Balance, on the other hand, is composed of a smooth, double-linked form of hyaluronic acid.  This means it seamlessly incorporates into the superficial layers of the skin, creating a smooth contour and lifting fine lines to correct wrinkles in stubborn areas such as crow's feet, lip lines, and parentheses around the mouth.  Belotero is another great option for correcting angry 11's caused by muscular movement around the brow.  

Belotero balance wrinkle filler san diego

  New filler Belotero Balance wrinkle correction by San Diego dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm   Belotero comes to the cosmetic dermatology practice from Merz, the company that provides the longer term collagen-producing filler Radiesse.  Merz is also the maker of type A botulinum toxin product Xeomin as well as the sclerosing injectable Asclera, which in its foamed form of polidocanol is very effective in treating spider and varicose veins.   Belotero does not come with lidocaine already mixed into the filler.  As a result, Dr. Palm uses various methods to increase patient comfort during the procedure.  Admixing a small amount of lidocaine into the filler can be used to decrease discomfort.  Alternatively, at Art of Skin MD we routinely utilize regional nerve blocks, topical numbing, and cold packs to increase patient comfort and decrease the opportunity for side effects.   Belotero Balance is offered by expert injector and cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Palm at Art of Skin MD.  Schedule a consultation by contacting Art of Skin MD or calling us at 858.792.SKIN (7546).      

Nov 27

Huge Holiday Skin Care Savings at Art of Skin MD–Friday, November 30th

Come one, come all for a spectacular day of indulgence at Art of Skin MD from 11 am to 7pm on Friday, November 30th 2012.  Our doors will be opened for exclusive holiday savings of 15% on all our skin care lines and products.  In addition, clients who spend $100 or more are eligible to receive a $9/unit Botox voucher for future use at Art of Skin MD.  What could be a better follow-up to Black Friday in San Diego? Call Art of Skin MD at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to reserve your spot today and to learn more about the full spectrum of cosmetic, medical, and aesthetician services available from Dr. Palm and the staff of Art of Skin MD!

Botox savings San Diego

    The Art of Skin MD event promises to be a festive San Diego celebration.  Combining a unique opportunity to save on our product and retail lines while enjoying the culture and food of Solana Beach.  Refreshments from Cupcake Love and Woody's are sure to be crowd pleasers.  Complimentary chair massages will be available in the afternoon from 4-7 pm.   Latisse specials will be available at the event.  Inquire to find out more about specials of the day at Art of Skin MD.   Experience skin care at its best with our special retail event.  Experience the instantaneous  skin lifting effects of microcurrent technology by NuFace--the only FDA-approved device for visible skin lifting effects.  It is a perfect gift for at-home use and for those prepping for all of those holiday parties and photo-ops.   Clarisonic Pro is now available at Art of Skin MD and will be on sale with our exclusive retail event.  This professional line sold exclusively in physician offices is not available at retail outlets such as Sephora or department stores.  The oscillating power of the Clarisonic Pro is unparalleled.  Get the pro-facial spa treatment at home with this device.  It is gentler yet more effective then traditional microdermabrasion and is great for acne-prone and sensitive skin types.  Any topical cleanser can be used with treatment.   Our professional line of skin care is unparalleled.  Speak with skin care specialists and company representatives about the anti-aging benefits of lines from Neocutis, Revision, Elta MD, Glytone, and Avene.  Experience the newest in skin brightening and brown spot eliminating technology from the Avene Blanche product to the novel botanical abilities of Elure illuminating lotion.  ColorScience is a Skin Cancer Foundation-endorsed line of mineral based and sun protective makeup.  The Sunforgettable brushes even offer a shimmer perfect for regaining that summer glow in the dead of winter.  Dr. Palm loves this line post-procedure for camouflaging laser or injectable procedures.   Contact the Staff of Art of Skin MD or to find out more or call (858) 792-SKIN (7546) to confirm your reservation for this event!