Feb 26

Dr. Melanie Palm a Featured Speaker at National Laser Meeting ASLMS in Boston

April will be a busy month for laser specialists.  Nationally and internationally-recognized experts in laser science will converge in Boston this April for the laser meeting of the year, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).   I (Dr. Melanie Palm) am among the roster of speakers at this international meeting of the minds on the latest and greatest in lasers.  This year's talk will focus on developments in IPL technology as a part of the resident and fellow symposium.  Teaching the next generation proper techniques and safety is paramount not only to myself but for other members of the ASLMS.  Here is a quick demo of IPL in action for treating sun spots on the hands:     Check out just some of our other laser videos on the Art of Skin MD YouTube station to see how easily lasers can be used to treat many of the frustrating skin problems affecting us all.   Laser Hair Removal:   Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment:   Spectra Peel for melasma or pore size reduction:     Got questions?  Give us a call at (858)792-SKIN (7546) or through our Art of Skin MD Contact page.  

Feb 25

Fast and the Furious: Laser Tattoo Removal Made Simple with Dr. Melanie Palm at Art of Skin MD

Tired of that older tattoo from days past?  The old flower or dolphin or initials, or heart or star has lost its glimmer or meaning?  Are you ready to rid that tattoo?  If your answer is yes, consider laser tattoo removal at Art of Skin MD.   At Art of Skin MD, Dr. Melanie Palm uses the latest technology to remove professional and traumatic tattoos.  Most colored tattoos can be removed with our Q-switched laser, the Lutronic Spectra Laser.  The Spectra laser features multiple wavelengths (four) to treat nearly all colors found in professional tattoos.   Comfort is extremely important for our patients during tattoo removal.  We seek to make the experience pain-free.  Watch Dr. Palm treat a tattoo in seconds on our YouTube channel:       Ask our qualified staff at Art of Skin MD about tattoo removal today.  Contact us through the Art of Skin MD website or by calling (858) 792-SKIN (7546).    

Feb 23

Lovely Legs: Eliminate Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy by Dr. Melanie Palm

Sclerotherapy expert Encinitas Dr. Melanie Palm   Spring weather is just around the corner and it is time to think about revealing long, lean, vein-free legs. How to banish those pesky spider veins called telangiectasias? The answer is easy and pain-free: sclerotherapy using foamed Asclera.   Sclerotherapy is the gold standard of treatment in eliminating unwanted leg veins. It can be used to clear unsightly small veins called telangiectasias, larger blue-green veins called "reticular veins," or even bulging blue veins called varicose veins.   Leg vein treatment is easy and painless thanks to newer sclerosing agents including Asclera, FDA-approved for use in sclerotherapy in 2009. Dr. Palm demonstrates this in-office procedure below on our YouTube channel:       Varicose veins carry significant risks. Patients with significant varicose veins can have a lifetime risk of blood clots from these leg veins of almost 50 percent.   The leg veins are not just unsightly, they can cause symptoms, sometimes not noticed until after treatment with sclerotherapy. Broken blood vessels in the legs can be frequently accompanied by leg heaviness, swelling, color changes, eczema-like rashes, pain, and even skin ulcers. Proactive treatment at Art of Skin MD with me, Dr. Melanie Palm, can improve these symptoms and the cosmetic appearance of your legs.   Once you have got your legs free of unsightly spider veins, make them "fuzz free."  Find out about laser hair removal at Art of Skin MD today.  Our Lutronic Advantage Diode laser hair removal device is the newest on the market and makes unwanted hair removal a quick and easy process.   Vein specialist san diego   Curious about your legs?  Call us at (858)792-SKIN (7546) or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.    

Feb 16

Laser Hair Removal made Pain-Free at San Diego Art of Skin MD

  dermaplaning san diego Art of Skin MD and Lutronic's Advantage Diode laser redefine Laser Hair Removal:  EASY, FAST, PAINLESS!!!   Here is our fun mantra for laser hair removal:  "Every time a sizzle sings, a hair follicle gets its wings!"   Ingrown hairs, painful waxing, and hair backs....all reasons to consider laser hair removal!  Summer time weather is around the corner and all of us want to be fuzz-free for those sunny days on the beach.  Start to get that hair-free skin you desired with a series of laser hair removal at Art of Skin MD.   Fridays are now fuzz-free!  Ask about our special deals on this day.  Want Dr. Palm to perform your treatment?  No problem, you've got it.   From upper lips, to male backs, laser hair removal is extremely fast using the new Lutronic Advantage system.  It uses trusted diode laser technology with a HUGE treatment handpiece, making treatment a breeze.  A male back or a women's legs, which used to take 30-60 minutes to complete, is now done in 5-7 minutes!  Unbelievable but true.  Check out Dr. Palm's YouTube video below...you won't believe your eyes!         Our prices our extremely competitive with laser hair removal chains but instead you get unparalalled skill, expertise, and treatment--all that you have come to expect at Art of Skin MD.  Inquire about our laser hair removal specials and book a package today by calling (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or contact us on the Art of Skin Contact page.        

Feb 15

Fuller Lips with Filler: Dr. Melanie Palm Perfects the Pout Part II

Juvederm lip san diego   Now that we have explored the use of a cannula to fill the lip in our previous Art of Skin MD post, let's now explore how to create a NATURAL, BEAUTIFULLY-ENHANCED lip.  My philosophy is that we should enhance the inherent beauty of your lips, so that it becomes a harmonious part of the face.  Enhanced lips should never look "done," a frequent concern of patients during initial consultation.   Various fillers are used to augment the lip area.  In the YouTube video below, Restylane is used by myself, Dr. Melanie Palm, to contour the lips.   Other fillers may be used as well.  Juvederm is another popular choice.  A newer hyaluronic acid filler called Belotero can also be used.  Belotero is typically used to fill and smooth fine lines around the mouth but could be used to fill the lips as a more temporary measure.  That way you can "test drive" your lips before you use a longer-term filler like Restylane or Juvederm.  For very select patients that are good candidates, I will use silicone using a microdroplet technique for more permanent lip enhancement.   Pain or discomfort is often a concern of patients undergoing a filler procedure to augment the lips.  I insist that patients are completely comfortable.  I think this is accomplished by several measures.  First, at Art of Skin MD we create an ambiance that invites tranquility and dissolves the anxiety and nervousness that can be associated with undergoing a cosmetic procedure.  The inviting staff, upbeat music, and our smiles will immediately put you at ease.   Beyond the Art of Skin MD culture, we provide other comforts for patients.  The use of both topical numbing and small amounts of numbing injection medicine are used to numb the entire lip area so the lip filling experience is pain-free.  We provide good conversation and distraction tools so that the your visit is a breeze.   Got questions?  Give us a call....it's easy to ask our staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546).  Or visit our Art of Skin MD contact page.          

Feb 9

Perfect Pout by Valentine’s–Lip Filler with Restylane

Perfect Wedding Dress

  Got thin lips?  Don't want a trout pout?  Scared of duck lips?  Want a quick procedure by Dr. Melanie Palm with minimal bruising and NO PAIN?  We have got your answer!!!   Lip filling using a cannula!   Restylane has now been FDA-approved for lip filling, and with Dr. Palm's gentle hand, trauma to the lips is minimized and the result is fantastic looking lips!   A recent advance has been the use of a "cannula" - this is blunt-shaped tube that does not traumatize tissues as a filler is placed in the skin.  Sharp needles can traumatize the skin, causing prolonged swelling and significant bruising.  Cannulas gently push vessels aside, leading to safe filler use with minimal downtime or side effects.   Check out Dr. Palm's YouTube video demonstrating cannula use on the upper lip using Restylane to reinflate a thin lip:   Thinking of a nice Valentine's gift for yourself or a surprise for a special loved one?  Get a kissable pout at Art of Skin MD.  Ask about our couple's specials for February!  Contact us on our Art of Skin MD website or call our excellent and caring staff at (858) 792.SKIN (7546).   Juvederm san diego Dr. Melanie Palm    

Feb 4

Liposculpture: Liposuction without anesthesia or discomfort and harvested fat for volumizing!

The beginning of a new year and those first inklings of upcoming spring and summer get us thinking about personal improvements...and beach weather. And with the pool or beach comes the swimsuit...and wanting to look great in it!

Accusculpt laser lipolysis

So, if proper diet and exercise regimens have gotten you close to your ideal shape, but you are experiencing trouble spots that are stubborn improvement, it might be time to consider a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm to consider liposculpture. Liposculpture is a procedure that uses local anesthesia only to safely and comfortably remove unwanted deposits of fat. Frequently treated areas of tumescent liposuction include the neck and jowls on the face and various areas on the body. For men, the love handles and abdomen are a frequent area of treatment. For women, batwings of the upper arms, the abdomen, hips, thighs and even knees respond well to treatment with fat removal.


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Winter is the time to start thinking about liposuction as the results from liposuction take between three to six months to reach their maximum result. Because Dr. Palm uses only local tumescent numbing to the areas being treated, patients may return to work and activities quickly. Most patients can return to work within a few days and may return to their workouts within a week.


Dr. Palm augments the effects of liposuction in a few targeted areas to increase skin tightening.  Using the Accusculpt laser, Dr. Palm performs laser liposuction to tighten lax skin in problem areas such as the neck, arms, and abdomen.  The Accusculpt laser gently warms the undersurface of the skin to induce new collagen production and skin contraction and lifting.


If you are having fat removed, why not put it to good use? Harvested fat from liposculpture can be utilized in a variety of ways. Lipostructuring is the process of doing small, multiple fat transfers to ares of the body needing volume replacement. Most frequently, fat is used to replace aging changes and deflation on the face.


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Aging around the eyes can be rejuvenated with fat. Loss of volume to the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and even around the mouth can be replenished with fat. Fat is your own tissue and is a plentiful filler, making it an economical choice for true overall facial rejuvenation. Fat can also be used elsewhere. Dr. Palm has used harvested fat to augment the derriere (buttock fat transfer) or to improve the appearance of dressed scars.


Intrigued and have more questions? Give the highly qualified staff at Art of Skin MD a call at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Palm. Feel free to contact us too at the Art of Skin MD contact page. Ask about our specials for 2013!

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