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Newtox San Diego -Newtox Jeuveau -Evolus Newtox Jeuveau

In February of this year, Jeuveau (pronounced Jū-vō) got its FDA seal of approval, marking the FOURTH Botox-like product on the market. So what makes this kid unique?   I traveled to Cancun, Mexico for an Expert Summit to learn more and share with you!

First the name, where did that come from? Well Jeuveau is inspired and rhymes with “nouveau”, a French term for new. So as the newest entrant onto the Botox scene, it is aptly named. It is the brainchild of the company Evolus, and the first toxin that is designer made for purely aesthetic use…no medical conditions treatment for Jeuveau, it is 100% for cosmetic use.

So what is the deal with Jeuveau and how does it intend to make a splash? Is it really going to rival Botox? Well, time will tell but it is positioned as a designer or premium Botox. It was specifically designed and will be marketed to be just like Botox, only a little better. The marketing for the product is slick, with appeal screaming to the millennial mindset and sensibilities. Dubbed the “happy toxin” by the beauty industry and business insiders, it is targeted to appeal to the softer side of aesthetics. The idea is to blur the line between the beauty industry and cosmetic procedures, making Jeuveau the stepping stone from department beauty counter to in-office procedures.

Jeuveau is a bit hard to pronounce, so the company’s marketing machine has coined it the NewTox, a much more easy term for toxin patients to understand AND pronounce. Look for NewTox to make a splash this Spring on health and beauty mags and outlets this Spring, but know that Jeuveau and NewTox are interchangeable terms.

How will Jeuveau compare to Botox? I think time will tell. It seems likely both of these products are great with consistent results. I think physician adoption (using it in our clinics) and patient feedback will likely determine the outcome. I plan to use Jeuveau in a similar fashion to Botox, unit for unit. I think there will be subtle differences. Those involved with the Jeuveau clinical trials have favorable feedback on the product, and state patients liked treatment as well.

Newtox San Diego -Newtox Jeuveau -Evolus Newtox Jeuveau

Ok, so let’s get down to the science and the studies of Jeuveau and Botox, and even some of the controversies sure to be the water cooler talk amongst dermatology insiders:

  1. Noninferiority studies: The manufacturer of Jeuveau was required by the FDA to perform studies that demonstrated Jeuveau performed at least as well as Botox. It passed this with flying colors. This means that Jeuveau is equivalent in effect to Botox. In fact, the noninferiority study data suggested a trend, although the company cannot claim it, that Jeuveau perhaps outperforms Botox. I think time and experience by the many U.S. injectors will see whether one toxin is preferred over another, and the subtle clinical effects between both botulinum toxin products.
  2. Head-to-head studies: One comparison study exists between the first generation Korean toxin product (Nabota) that preceded Jeuveau and Botox Cosmetic as we know it. In that study of the older formulation, the Korean toxin outperformed slightly Botox in its effect on patients.
  3. So is Jeuveau the original Korean product, just re-packaged for use in the U.S.?   The simple answer, no! So Jeuveau is owned and designed by Evolus, a Newport Beach, CA based U.S. company. However, the manufacturing of Jeuveau takes place in South Korea, at a brand-spanking new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by Daewoong Pharmaceutical where the original Korean product was formulated and produced. Jeuveau is distinctly different from the Korean product. First, it undergoes a different, unique, and more stringent purification process called “Hi-Pure” technology. Secondly, instead of being freeze-dried ( a process referred to as lyophilization), Jeuveau is vacuum-dried. According to in-house assays, this differing drying process does NOT breakdown the protein, a process referred to as protein denaturation. This possibly means that more of the “active” toxin is preserved in the manufacturing process. Will this mean more potency for Jeuveau? Again, I think clinical usage in the U.S. will determine that answer…
  4. Rumors of “black particles” in Jeuveau bottles: So there were industry rumblings of contamination of Jeuveau bottles with black particles. As a part of the stringent quality standards, Evolus performs quality assurance on 100% of the vials of Jeuveau during the manufacturing process. A part of this process is light reflectance testing, where any bottles that appear to have contamination through light reflection are taken off the manufacturing line and destroyed. Well, it turns out that dark specks in rejected bottles were determined to be from the glass vials themselves, not contamination WITHIN the vial. Etching of the outside of the vials during initial transport to Korea, or imperfections (glass bubbles) within the glass vial walls show up as dark specks or black particles when light is shown through them. Therefore, Jeuveau is not “contaminated” with any particles. Instead, the glass itself causes an erroneous dark reflectance that causes quality assurance to reject a small amount of the vials after production.

If you are interested in reading more on the new Botox rival product Jeuveau, take a hop to the Jeuveau page to find out more.

Newtox San Diego -Newtox Jeuveau -Evolus Newtox Jeuveau

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