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San Diego’s premier Dermatology Practice, Art of Skin MD, has a dream team of providers that has recently expanded.  I started the practice almost  8 1/2 years ago to serve the north county of San Diego and immediate area surrounding Solana Beach, CA.   It’s been an amazing journey, providing general dermatology and cosmetic services to our wonderful beach town.  The success of Art of Skin MD is not a lone venture, but our practice has grown into a beautiful boutique-style dermatology practice through the help of outstanding staff and providers.

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Provider Spotlight at Art of Skin MD

As an opportunity to allow our Art of Skin MD patients to get to know April  better, I sat down with her for an interview to provide a deserving spotlight!  Even for well-established patients of our practice, this is a fun read to catch some unknown facts and bits on passion projects and personal fulfillment from our new Physician Assistant (PA-C).

Physician Assistant April DeMaggio, PA-C, at Art of Skin MD in Solana Beach, CA

Physician Assistant April DeMaggio, PA-C has newly joined Art of Skin MD in June 2020 but is certainly not new to aesthetics.   She has built a name for herself in the north county San Diego community first in primary care almost 15 years ago, and then as an aesthetic injector and PA for the past dozen years.  Her warm demeanor and academic interest perfectly pair with my approach to patients.

April DeMaggio Physician Assistant


Dr. Palm:   Welcome April to Art of Skin MD!  You have been at our practice since June, but have nearly 15 years of practice experience in Carlsbad, Encinitas, and now Solana Beach.  Tell us a little bit about how you got your start in medicine and aesthetics.

April DeMaggio, PA-C:  Sure, I was formerly in primary care and women’s health since the mid 2000s, which was very fulfilling.  My female patients asked why I didn’t perform aesthetic procedures as we started to enter the nonsurgical cosmetic  era.  They would say to me “If you could provide that, I think so many other women that are your patients would love that too, I trust you.”  For me, I was hooked as it was a means of expanding how I could help people.

I enjoy keeping people healthy, but if you can also make them feel great about how they look, that’s a win-win.  I fell in love with aesthetics, how it made others feel, and how providing cosmetic services for my patients made me feel.  It was providing extra care for my women’s health patients.  By introducing aesthetics, my days became more colorful and varied.  I am always so grateful to the patients that introduced the idea into my head about doing aesthetics, we have stayed loyal together and grown since my first filler and toxin course in 2007.

Dr. Palm:  You are so similar to myself in that our patients mean the world to us.  Tell us what are some of your favorite procedures to perform and why?

  1. Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling – This is my all around favorite procedure.  It is good for every skin type and so many skin conditions except melasma.  I find this procedure inclusive to other procedures, and RF micronnedling has so many benefits for the skin and is a good value for your money – it helps with skin tightening, texture, scarring, and encourages collagen growth.  I’ve seen very dramatic results on patients faces with this procedure and am thrilled to continue my work with the Infini RF microneedling device.
  2. Filler along the  jawline:  I really enjoy sharpening the profile of my patients.  The lower face results with filler can be dramatic, especially as we increase in age, a great improvement can be had with filler enhancement.
  3. Nonablative fractional laser – I use this laser to improve skin quality.
  4. Botox, Dysport and neuromodulators– Patient satisfaction is huge. Especially for first time patients.  New patients can be afraid of potential side effects, or have heard stories, but when you take time to educate, then have them try it – They come back saying “I hated those frown lines, it made me feel so good of myself to see the improvement, why did I wait so long?”

April DeMaggio PA-C Art of Skin MD

Dr. Palm:  Agreed.  Neuromodulators have such an amazing high patient satisfaction for patients and builds confidence and trust in us as aesthetic providers.  Tell me a little about your approach to patients.

April:   #1:  Be a good listener.   An important part of the cosmetic consult is getting a feel for the patient and setting expectations for them, and find out what they are looking for.

#2  Educate.  This builds rapport and trust.  Finally,

#3  Deliver!

Dr. Palm:  That’s great and such a similar approach to patients that I model.  Tell me how you hope to grow here at Art of Skin MD?

April:  I’m keen to build upon my interest in dermatology – I was known during my 14 year primary care career for my interest in skin.  I was the go-to provider at the primary care practice for suturing, skin care, and skin checks, especially in HMO patients that didn’t otherwise have access to dermatology care.  I hope to become an amazing dermatology PA that can recognize and catch a lot of things that a less sophisticated eye might overlook.

Dr. Palm:  That’s great. And as you know we really take our approach to medical dermatology seriously whether it is reviewing a 1000-page dermatology textbook together to mentoring and didactic learning sessions.  Tell us something that patients would be surprised to learn about you?

April DeMaggio Physician Assistant

April:  I am a super nerd! I am quirky, and I can seem shy at first, but I am simply taking everything in.  But I love to read everything to better educate myself.  I’m quiet at first, but once you get to know me I’m bubbly and outgoing.

A more recent interest for me is a regular practice of yoga and meditation.  I do it almost every day.  It helps me keep in touch with my health and well-being.  It provides structure to my day so I can be present and give my patients my best.   It has taught me to slow down, to be more in the moment, and it has helped the relationships in my life.

Dr. Palm:  Let’s end on what do you love in San Diego?

April:  I’m from Canada originally, which is beautiful in its own right, but the fog and rain I’m happy to escape here in San Diego.  I love walking the Rail Trail in Encinitas and the beach path along Solana Beach.  I love cooking at homes and trying new recipes with devices like my Instapot.   I experiment with recipes like french bread, which sometimes works out spectacularly, but other times my creativity is not as well-received by my family if a particular recipe falls flat.  The fun is in trying it out.

Dr. Palm:  Well said.  Thanks so much for your time, and welcome to the Art of Skin MD family!

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