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The Best Night-Time Skin Care Routine, Art of Skin MD

13 Surprising Skin Products Dermatologists Swear By asks skin expert and San Diego dermatologist Dr. Palm her picks for best skin care products including Sakura Silk and Differin gel.

The Best Night-Time Skin Care Routine, Art of Skin MD

From Topical Treatments to Lasers, Your Complete Guide to Treating Hyperpigmentation

San Diego dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm of Art of Skin MD explains how to get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation of the skin.

instyle magazine

Here’s What Happens to Your Skin When You OD on Exfoliating

San Diego dermatologist and InStyle contributor discusses how overexfoliation and irritation can occur and how to treat and avoid it.

The Best Night-Time Skin Care Routine, Art of Skin MD

Solo Practice Comes with Big Demands & Big Rewards

Dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm is featured as a San Diego physician that has chosen and successfully run a solo practice.

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Celebrity Dermatologists Share Their Skin Care Secrets

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm shares her skin care secrets to the Today Show for glowing, blemish-free skin.

instyle magazine

New Products & Tips for Scalp Health

Dermatologist Dr. Palm shares with her tips for keeping scalp health in check and avoiding and treating flakes and rashes.

instyle magazine

Reacting Poorly to a New Skin Care Product? Here’s Your Emergency Guide

Dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm offers her tips to for handling skin rashes like hives and irritation from skin care products.

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How to Rehab Your Nails After a Gel Disaster

Dr. Palm explains nail health and how to strengthen nails after a gel manicure.