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Lasers & Light Procedures

Lasers & Light Procedures

Advanced Laser and Light Procedures in the San Diego Area

Lasers and light technology are used to treat a variety of skin conditions from broken blood vessels to sun spots, precancerous spots, and wrinkles and enlarged pores. Lasers and light-based devices seek a target – blood cells, brown pigmentation, or water (collagen and fat). This allows improvement in rosacea, telangiectasias, sun damage, skin textural changes, and even unwanted fatty deposits.

At Art of Skin MD, we strive to develop a personalized approach to each patient, addressing each individual’s skin concerns. A single or combinational approach may be used, from a straightforward series of IPL photofacials to a more complex approach of to address sun damage, melasma, and wrinkles with several different devices. As a thought leader for laser device companies and a frequent national lecturer on laser and energy-based devices, Dr. Palm ensures safety, comfort, and appropriate outcomes for her patients at Art of Skin MD. She uses advanced and new approaches with lasers to treat challenging skin conditions from multicolored tattoo removal to skin rejuvenation in all skin types.

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