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Face, Lips & Neck

Face, Lips & Neck Procedures - Before & After Photos

The face, lips, and neck are among the most highly visible and most popular area of desired cosmetic improvement or restoration.

The face communicates are feelings and emotions, as well as the influence of environmental factors, sun exposure, and age over time. Facial asymmetry is extremely common, and sleeping habits, UV exposure, and genetics all contribute or amplify differences between the two halves of our face. In facial restoration, it is most important to strive for facial symmetry, to strive for both sides of our face to look like close siblings of each other, not necessarily twins.

This is because uniqueness of our face is important as well. Small asymmetries actually impart visual interest and characteristic, beautiful qualities to our face. Sexual dimorphism, or the characteristic gender-specific differences between male and female are equally important. A male face should be injected and treated very differently from a female face and vice versa. Not abiding by these principles can feminize a male face, or make a female face appear more manly.

The lips are an increasingly popular area of enhancement. Although lip augmentation seems to be all too frequent, it is really lip restoration that should be the goal. Lips that are proportionate, beautiful, symmetric and fit one’s face are tantamount to successful treatment.

The aging neck is a frequent complaint. Over time, the neck droops and loses definition, develops both vertical and horizontal lines, and crepiness of the skin develops. All can be addressed with both nonsurgical and surgical procedures.

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