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Restylane® Silk

Restylane® Silk Dermal Filler Injections

Non-Surgical Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles in the San Diego Area

Restylane® Silk dermal filler expert, Dr. Melanie Palm, with offices in Solana Beach, CA – just north of San Diego. She serves as both lecturer and trainer for Medicis, the company that makes Restylane® Silk, Restylane, and Dysport. Dr. Palm instructs other physicians and injectors on the safety and use of Restylane Silk and regularly lectures at national meetings on the use of dermal fillers for facial revolumizing.

What is Restylane® Silk?

This is the newest hyaluronic acid filler to the Restylane family of products. Hyaluronic acid is a common component to the second layer of the skin, and it helps provide structure to the skin. Restylane Silk, as its name infers, is a smooth, silky formulation of smaller particle hyaluronic acid gel. It provides improvement of fine lines around the mouth and corrects volume loss of the lips as well as smoker lines or “lipstick lines” around the lips.

How does Silk Compare to Other Hyaluronic Acid Products Like Restylane, Juvederm, or Belotero?

The Restylane family of products, Restylane Lyft (formerly Perlane), Restylane, and now Restylane Silk are all hyaluronic acid gel products composed of gel particles. The difference between them can be found in their their particle size, imparting different filling uses for each product.

This product differs from other products in the Restylane family by its PARTICLE SIZE. Perlane has larger particles that make it ideal for lifting tissues and creating deep volume in the face. Restylane has a mid-range particle size that makes it versatile as a filler from enhancing lip size to filling in facial volume loss. Silk has the smallest particle size, making it ideal for smoothing fine wrinkles such as perioral rhytids (lipstick lines) or for lip augmentation.

Juvederm Ultra and the family of Allergan products (Voluma, Juvederm Ultra Plus) are cohesive gels, meaning they are not formed of particles. They provide a smooth result and attract water to the area of placement. This may be more or less ideal depending on the area being treated.

This product can be categorized as a fine line filler, similar in some respects to Belotero Balance. Belotero Balance is a cohesive gel, not a particle, and has a low concentration. Belotero may or may not have a shorter duration compared to Restylane Silk.

Belotero for Fine Lines, Art of Skin MD
Restylane Silk Usage Videos

How Much Does Restylane Silk Cost and How Much do I Need?

Prices for Silk depend on the severity of wrinkles to be treated and the numbers of syringes to be injected. As the degree of improvement with Restylane Silk is highly dependent on the injector, it is recommended that a board-certified dermatologist perform the procedure.

Restylane Silk FAQ

Silk is FDA-approved for the correction of perioral lines (smoker lines or lipstick lines around the mouth) as well as for lip enhancement. In addition to eliminating wrinkles around the mouth and plumping lips, The product can be used to correct other fine lines such as crow’s feet, forehead lines, and horizontal neck lines. Due to its small particle size, Restylane Silk may also be ideal for filling volume loss in the upper eyelid, tear troughs, and eyebrow. These uses are considered off-label.

Yes, Silk allows for immediate correction of fine lines of the face.

As with all hyaluronic acid filler products, Silk is broken down naturally by your body over time. According to clinical trials the improvement from Restylane Silk may last approximately 6-12 months, although individual results vary.

Hyaluronic acid products such as Restylane Silk have a high level of safety in the hands of properly trained physicians. The most common side effects are mild swelling and bruising around the injection site. This filler has a numbing agent, lidocaine, pre-incorporated into the filler, making injection more comfortable. In general, the treatments result in little to no downtime procedure so long as proper medication precautions are followed to avoid bruising.

Yes. The line correction effect from this product can be erased if undercorrection is desired. An enzyme called hyaluronidase, marketed under the brand name Vitrase or Hyalenex, can be used to break down unwanted deposits of hyaluronic acid including Restylane Silk. Alternately, this product can be removed by a small puncture and manual pressure if an area of uneven filler deposit exists. However, the occurrence of this in experienced hands such as Dr. Palm’s is rare.

Yes, this filler may complement the use of other cosmetic products and procedures. Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport can be used with Restylane Silk but may not necessarily be performed on the same visit. Skin resurfacing procedures such as ResurFX or ECO2 may be used prior to Restylane Silk placement to smooth wrinkles, with Restylane Silk filling in the remaining gaps.

If you are looking for a non-surgical alternative for getting rid of wrinkles and lines in the San Diego area, call Dr. Melanie Palm at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule your appointment.