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Spectra Nd:YAG Multipurpose Laser

Spectra Laser Treatment

Non-Surgical Melasma, Tattoo and Pigment Treatment in the San Diego Area

Dr. Melanie Palm uses the Spectra Nd:YAG multipurpose laser to remove and reduce pigment conditions such as tattoos, melasma, rosacea, and tiny broken blood vessels with minimal downtime and great results. Dr. Palm is an expert lecturer, consultant, and physician trainer for Lutronic, the manufacturer of the Spectra Nd:YAG laser. Her practice, Art of Skin MD, is located in Solana Beach, just north of San Diego, CA.

What is Spectra? What Conditions Does Spectra treat?

Spectra by Lutronic is a revolutionary laser device that we use at Art of Skin MD, here in Solana Beach, CA. It uses a well-known laser medium called Nd:YAG and uses it in diverse ways to treat both brown and red discoloration in the skin. The energy of the laser can be delivered quickly to address tattoos, pigmentation, sun spots, or melasma, or the energy slowed to treat shrink pores, tone skin, and fight acne in a procedure called “laser toning.” The wavelengths can be further manipulated to address vascular lesions such as broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) or even rosacea. Lastly, a peel can be completed with the laser to help with both acne and skin tone, allowing for pore reduction and collagen formation.

Melasma and Brown Discoloration Treatment and Laser Toning with Spectra

Melasma is a frustrating problem that affects many women, and rarely men. It most commonly occurs as a combination of hormonal influences (pregnancy, birth control pills, hormone replacement) and sun exposure. Brown patches form over the face, predominately over the cheeks, upper lip, and forehead. It is a frustrating problem that does not respond easily to topical therapy or laser treatment.

The Spectra laser can be used to treat melasma and brown spots successfully in conjunction with a recommended topical skin care regimen. During a series of treatments, the Spectra destroys abnormal brown pigment associated with melasma patches, restoring a more uniform skin complexion with improved skin texture and pore size. Originally developed in Korea, the laser has been tested safely and successfully in darker skin types. The treatment itself has no downtime and little if any side effects.

Spectra Peel: Pore Size Reduction and New Collagen Formation

The Spectra Peel can be used to treat a multitude of concerns. During the simple and straightforward procedure, Dr. Palm applies a carbon-based lotion to the face. After application, the Spectra laser is used to peel off the lotion, beginning a process of skin cell stimulation and exfoliation. A series of treatments (typically 6-8 sessions) are recommended to enhance results from the Spectra Peel. The Spectra Peel results in reduced pore size, smoother skin texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced oil production.

Blood Vessel and Red Discoloration Treatment with Spectra

The Spectra laser can be used alone or in combination with other laser and light technologies to reduce and eliminate unwanted broken blood vessels and red discoloration. A series of monthly treatments can be used to eliminate fine blood vessels that cause background redness or symptoms associated with rosacea.

Liquid Injectable Silicone, Art of Skin MD
Spectra Nd:YAG Multipurpose Laser, Art of Skin MD
Melasma treatment to face in female
Spectra Nd:YAG Multipurpose Laser, Art of Skin MD
Melasma treatment to face in female

Acne Laser Peel with Spectra

The Spectra acne laser peel can be used to reduce inflammation and oil production associated with acne. In a 3-step process, first a lotion is applied to the skin that allows enhancement of the Spectra laser. Second, the Spectra laser treats the skin, lightly heating the skin cells and stimulating them as well as the hair follicles where acne starts. Lastly, the laser treatment is used to create a peel or exfoliation. The lotion is removed during this process, removing with it skin surface cells and unclogging pores. Improvement is often seen after the first treatment, although a series of treatment is recommended for more significant results. Treatments are typically repeated every 2-3 weeks. Once the acne is improved, maintenance treatments may be desired every few months. The Spectra acne laser peel is virtually painless with no downtime.

Laser Tattoo Removal with Spectra

Tattoo removal can be accomplished using the Spectra laser. Most, but not all, colors of tattoo pigment can be addressed with the 1064 nm Q-switched Spectra laser. Dr. Palm ensures that patients are comfortable during treatment by providing both topical and local anesthetic (numbing) before the laser procedure. Homemade or amateur tattoos respond more quickly than professional tattoos, although both can be improved with laser tattoo removal. A series of treatments is always necessary. Amateur tattoos may clear after 1 or 2 treatments, but professional tattoos may take 6-10 or more treatments to improve or clear. Laser tattoo removal is usually performed in intervals spaced at least 4-6 weeks apart. Immediately following treatment, the laser treated skin will look white. This is soon replaced by redness, then a scab. It is important to keep the treated area moist and protected from the sun as it heals.

If you are interested in learning more about Spectra laser treatments, or would like to set up a consultation, call Dr. Melanie Palm at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule your appointment.