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Facial Redness

Facial Redness and Flushing

Advanced Treatment Options for Rosacea and Facial Redness in the San Diego Area

Dr. Melanie Palm is a nationally recognized dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon specializing in the treatment of facial redness commonly associated with rosacea. Her offices are located in Solana Beach, CA just north of San Diego. Dr. Palm lectures on facial rejuvenation including the treatment of facial redness, facial flushing and redness. She offers many effective treatment options for facial redness.

Facial Redness

Facial redness also referred to as “erythema” can be caused by a variety of causes. Redness in the skin is caused by dilation of capillaries, our large network of very small blood vessels that nourish our skin. It is important to identify the underlying cause of facial redness prior to initiating treatment

The following are some of the main causes of facial redness:

There are several subtypes of rosacea, a multi-factorial condition of inflammation, blood vessel instability, and abnormal nerve and chemical responses in the skin. It most commonly presents as central facial redness and broken blood vessels called telangiectasias, a subtype of rosacea called erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. A combination of medical therapy and office procedures can improve rosacea.

These appear as fine feathery red blood vessels called capillaries. They most commonly appear around the nose, curve of the nostrils, cheeks, chin, and between the eyebrows. They can be related to a subtype of rosacea called “erythematotelangiectatic” which results in facial redness and broken blood vessels. Telangiectasias can also appear due to excessive sun damage, extremes of weather over time, and naturally with age.

Episodic facial redness with an intense sensation of heat characterizes facial flushing. It has many causes, the most common being stress, extremes of temperature, medications, alcohol, or underlying medical conditions. If other symptoms occur with facial flushing such as sudden fainting, dizziness with urination, or headache, a rare endocrine disorder called carcinoid syndrome should be excluded.

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Treatment Options for Facial Redness

The correct choice or combination of treatment options for facial redness depends on the underlying cause of facial erythema.

The following treatments are commonly used alone or in combination facial redness:

Medications are commonly used to control but not cure facial redness. The correct medication depends on the underlying condition causing facial redness:

  • Topical vasoconstrictors: medications such as Mirvaso and Rhofade are used to temporarily decrease background redness associated with facial redness from rosacea.
  • Beta blockers: medications such as low-dose propranolol can help with episodic facial flushing due to stress such as public speaking.
  • Sunscreen: photoprotection is part of a proactive treatment regimen for decreasing the progression of facial redness due to rosacea.
  • Cosmeceuticals: topical products containing green tea or thermal spring water have been shown to decrease facial redness due to rosacea
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL or photofacial): IPL photofacials can target both red and brown in the skin. It is extremely effective as a no-downtime, minimal discomfort series of treatments to reduce the appearance of facial redness, telangiectasias and cherry angiomas.
  • Spectra laser: Spectra is a Q-switched laser that may improve facial erythema. It can also be used with a gold hand piece to treat redness.
  • Pulsed dye lasers (Vbeam): This laser specifically targets hemoglobin in the blood to selectively destroy blood vessel lesions. It works and performs in a similar fashion to high-end IPL devices.

A combination approach is sometimes ideal to improve facial redness and broken blood vessels. Non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques are often combined with topical skin care regimens at Art of Skin MD to achieve the aesthetic goals of our patients in regards to facial erythema.

If you are looking for a dermatologist to treat your facial redness and flushing in the San Diego area, call Dr. Melanie Palm at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule your appointment.