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Nutrafol For Him


Stimulate noticeable hair growth in 3-6 months with Nutrafol’s ground-breaking formula created specifically for men’s hair growth. Made with a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and adaptogens making it a safe and effective choice for healthier hair. We recommend purchasing at least a three month’s supply to allow for visible results to begin.

Active Ingredients:

vitamin A (as beta carotene), vitamin C (as camu camu 4:1 extract powder), vitamin D (as cholecalciferol), biotin, iodine (from organic kelp laminaria digitata), zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate), selenium (as selenium amino acid chelate), USPlus saw palmetto (fruit) CO2 DeepExtract, hydrolyzed marine collagen type I & III, Sensoril ashwagandha (root and leaf) extract (10% withanolides), BCM-95 Bio-Curcumin Turmeric (rhizome) 25:1 extract, EVNolMax full spectrum palm tocotrienol/tocopherol complex, hyaluronic acid, L-cysteine hydrochloride, solubilized keratin, L-methionine, L-lysine, horsetail (stem and leaf) extract, resveratrol (polygonum cuspidatum) (root) extract 50%, organic kelp, BioPerine piperine (std. to 95%), Capsimax capsicum fruit extract (capsaicinoids 2%).

Other Ingredients:

vegetable cellulose capsule, organic rice hulls. contains collagen derived from North Atlantic Cod.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.