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Cellfina Cellulite Treatment

Cellfina Treatment, Cellulite Dimple Treatment

Cellulite Removal in the San Diego Area

Looking for Cellfina treatment? Dr. Melanie Palm is a nationally recognized dermatologist and an expert in the treatment and removal of cellulite with Cellfina. She serves as an advisory board member, speaker and consultant for Merz, the manufacturer of Cellfina. Her offices are located in Solana Beach, CA just north of San Diego.

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina is the first FDA-cleared, minimally invasive treatment for cellulite with long-lasting results of at least two years. Cellfina is an extremely effective treatment for dimple-like cellulite of the buttocks and thighs. It uses a two-step process of local numbing and tissue release to directly treat one of the underlying causes of cellulite. Cellfina can significantly improve the appearance of cellulite with a single treatment.

What Type of Cellulite can be Treated with Cellfina?

Over 80% of adult women are affected by cellulite, the uneven texture to the skin that often affects the thighs and buttocks. Cellfina is ideal at releasing the fibrous connective tissue that tethers the skin surface to deeper structures in the fat. For this reason, cellulite that appears as “dimples” or discrete depressions are the most ideal for treatment with Cellfina.

Is Dr. Palm a Cellfina Cellulite Treatment Expert?

Yes! Dr. Palm is one of a select few dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the country chosen to roll out the new technology to patients. Dr. Palm is a trained liposuction surgeon with years of experience and published medical articles on liposculpture and laser liposuction technologies. The techniques employed in successful Cellfina cellulite treatment are similar to those performed by Dr. Palm during liposuction procedures and laser lipolysis for skin tightening.

What areas of the body can be treated with Cellfina?

Cellfina is FDA-approved for the treatment of cellulite in women on the buttocks or thighs.

Cellfina Cellulite Treatment, Art of Skin MD
Cellfina Cellulite Treatment, Art of Skin MD
Applied to Thighs

Cellfina Cellulite Treatment FAQ

Cellfina is an elective cosmetic procedure and ideal candidates are in good general health. Women studied in the clinical study leading to FDA approval had a body mass index of 18-35, which translates to slim to average/slightly overweight individuals. Cellfina is not a treatment for weight control. It is meant only improve textural irregularities of the buttocks and thighs in healthy individuals at a stable weight.

Results following cellulite treatment with Cellfina may be evident as soon as 3 days after treatment. However, results may improve further for 3 to 6 months following treatment.

The clinical study leading to FDA approval for Cellfina in cellulite treatment lasted for 1 year. Therefore, Cellfina is approved for at least 12 months of duration of results. However, the initial Cellfina study patients have been followed since conclusion of the study and results have continued at 2 years and 3 years following treatment. It is likely that Cellfina results in a very lasting improvement in cellulite in ideal candidates.

The Cellfina cellulite treatment procedure consists of three general steps:

  1. Patient marking and preparation: The area of treatment is highlighted with a pen and the treatment area cleaned with an antiseptic solution.
  2. Numbing: local anesthetic is delivered to the area of treatment through the Cellfina platform device. Gentle vacuum pressure applied to the skin assures there is minimal discomfort during the numbing process
  3. Cellulite release: Cellfina device uses microblade technology to release the fibrous attachments that tether the skin surface to the connective tissue structures found within the fat, the structural cause of cellulite.

Approximately 45 minutes to an hour, although this timeline also depends on the number of areas being treated.

No. The first portion of the Cellfina delivers local numbing medication (lidocaine) to the areas of treatment. Because tissue is gently placed under vacuum pressure during the numbing process, even the numbing portion of the Cellfina has minimal discomfort.

The side effects following treatment are mild and resolve themselves quickly. The most common side effects following Cellfina treatment is tenderness, mild swelling, and bruising in the treatment area. According to the clinical study, patients rated their pain as minimal on day 3 following treatment.

Generally no. Most patients experience mild soreness in the areas of treatment but it does not interfere with return to work. Lighter activity levels may be advised for the first several days following treatment but normal activities and workouts can be resumed as tolerated.

No. There should not be any increased skin laxity following treatment with Cellfina. Avoiding overlapping, adjacent areas of Cellfina treatment reduces the possibility of seromas, a fluid-filled outpouching of the skin.

Following Cellfina cellulite treatment, patients are instructed to wear a compression garment in the area of treatment for 2-4 weeks. Although patients may have some mild tenderness and swelling in the area of treatment following Cellfina, the patient generally does not require time away from work.

There are contraindications to Cellfina treatment.

Patients with the following conditions should not be treated with Cellfina:

  • Diabetes
  • excessive obesity
  • recent surgery (within 6 weeks)
  • coagulopathy (bleeding disorders)
  • on anticoagulant/anti-platelet medications
  • phlebitis
  • vasculitis
  • pregnancy
  • skin infections or open skin lesions
  • uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • tumors
  • vascular fragility
  • varicose veins (in the areas of treatment)

Absolutely! Cellfina can be combined with other treatments but not on the same day. The improvement in cellulite from Cellfina can be combined with skin tightening technologies such as ExilisProtégé Elite, or Ultherapy to enhance the tone of skin. Cellfina could also be used after liposculpture or Vanquish to combine body contouring treatments with cellulite improvement technology.

The price of the Cellfina cellulite treatment procedure is somewhat dependent on the number of areas to be treated. Generally speaking, the cost of the procedure ranges from $3,500 to $5,000.

If you are looking for a cellulite treatment expert in the San Diego area to treat your cellulite with Cellfina, call Dr. Melanie Palm at 858.792.SKIN (7546) to schedule your appointment.