Feb 3

How Your Shower Routines Are Damaging Your Skin – And How To Fix Them

Shower Skin Damage? Last month, Dr. Palm answered some must-know skincare questions for Shape.com talking specifically about how seemingly-harmless shower routines could be damaging your skin. She breaks it all down with what you could be doing wrong, why it’s damaging and how to fix it!

Using the Wrong Soap
The wrong soap can be very drying to the skin. Some of the most popular brands of soap available over the counter (for example, Irish Spring, Dial and Lever 2000) use soap detergents to cleanse the skin. This might sound harmless, but these soaps strip skin of not only dirt but also the natural moisturizing factors that keep the skin barrier intact and keep the skin hydrated.

The Fix
Look for soaps that contain moisturizing agents, such as ceramides. Ceramides are a naturally occurring cholesterol-derived component to our skin that is devoid when skin is dry or eczema-prone. A great face and body wash that Dr. Palm recommends is our Art of Skin MD Antioxidant Soothing Wash.

Art of Skin MD Antioxidant Soothing Wash

Missing An Area of Soap When Rinsing
It is important to make sure soap is completely rinsed off, as dried soap residue can cause an irritant dermatitis to the skin that includes redness and flaking of the skin. The most common area of the body Dr. Palm sees this happening in her patients is soap residue left behind in the finger webs during hand washing. Most often this occurs on the ring finger, not because someone is allergic to the metal in the ring, but because the trace of soap is not washed away under the band of the ring.

The Fix
The most obvious way to remedy this is by removing the ring during hand washing, and for all other areas on the body, make sure soap residue is thoroughly removed from the skin. If an outbreak is particularly severe, Dr. Palm prescribes a topical steroid cream or ointment to apply twice per day until the redness or rash subsides. The skin will often be dry afterward, so using a gentle and well-tolerated bland moisturizer can be very beneficial. Look for moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid or free fatty acids as they often speed up the healing process.

Not Changing Loofahs or Towels Often Enough
Loofahs and towels are called “fomites” in medical terms – this means a non-living object capable of holding onto microbes such as bacteria and transferring it to humans. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere, and proper cleaning, along with proper cleaning agents, ensure that bacterial and viral counts remain low. Not cleansing our showering appliances (loofahs, towels, ultrasonic cleaning devices, and body brushes), allows dead skin and microorganisms to live in abundance together and propagate, greatly increasing the chance of infection, irritation or malodor.

The Fix
Dr. Palm highly recommends patients wash towels after at most several uses and loofahs or cleansing devices weekly.

Using Too-Hot Water
Hot water is harsh on the skin’s microenvironment. It causes vessels to dilate, leading to redness. The hot temperature also strips away the skin’s natural oils and interrupts our skin barrier. Skin feels dry, itchy and even tight.

The Fix
Tepid, warm water showers are the most ideal temperature for the skin. It allows for the best skin hydration, especially when an appropriate lotion or cream is applied immediately after a shower to lock in that precious moisture. Dr. Palm loves the new Art of Skin MD Rejuvenating Body Butter for a great combination of hydrating and toning the skin.

Art of Skin Body Butter | Solana Beach, CA | Dr. Melanie Palm


Scrubbing Too Hard When Washing Or Drying
Overly aggressive cleansing or scrubbing can cause irritation to the skin, leading to redness, rash and even eczema exacerbation. It interrupts the skin barrier, creating an avenue for secondary skin infection.

The Fix
Rather than a physical exfoliation of skin through mechanical disruption such as harsh brushing or scrubbing, consider using a chemical exfoliating wash such as one containing alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic or lactic acid. If you like to use a tool or instrument to help cleanse your skin, Dr. Palm recommends that her patients who have sensitive skin use a soft brush head on their sonicating cleansing brush and use it no more than twice daily. Always be sure not to dry too hard as well, as it can be just as damaging as scrubbing too hard.

Using Too Much Soap
Cleansing agents are meant to be used in approximately a quarter-to-silver-dollar size dollop. Using too much soap is not only tougher on the pocketbook but it also leads to greater concentrations of soap on the skin, increasing the chance of irritation and dryness.

The Fix
Just remember that too much of a good thing can spoil bath time. Resist the urge to overuse, shower on – just a dab will do you!

Just these simple changes can make drastic improvements in the overall condition of your skin. If you have questions or would like more in-depth or specific information, call us at 858-792-SKIN (7546) to schedule a consultation with Dr. Palm or our registered nurse Jessica Scott.

Nov 21

Why We Love Mineral Makeup, And You Should Too!

This time of year brings many social gatherings, our calendars are filling up with fun parties and outings as we are sure yours are! We all want to look our best, so for many of us, that includes glamming up with our favorite outfits and of course having a bit of fun with makeup! There are so many choices out there, so we want to break the basics down for you and give you the information to be able to choose the right foundation for your skin's needs.

Benefits – Why We Choose Mineral Foundation

These foundations are great because the main ingredients in most of them (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ferrous oxide) are either anti-inflammatory, provide great sunscreen protection (as a physical blocking agent), or provide natural, mineral-based color for the skin.  They are ideal for many skin types, but in particular can help calm sensitive and rosacea prone skin and the anti-inflammatory properties of many of the formulations help to improve acne prone complexions.  The mineral based foundations work great with oily complexions, helping to absorb unwanted shine.  Newer liquid mineral foundations are better for mature skin, and don’t settle in fine lines the way earlier formulations sometimes could.

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Nov 10

The Down & Dirty on Blackheads

Blackheads are a form of non-inflammatory acne called “open comedones.”   Basically, a mix of sebum (oil) and skin cells get caught in the pores and oxidize, forming the characteristic brown–black color of comedones.

Number one rule when you have a blackhead is don’t pick at it! If you pick a blackhead, the area around the hair follicle and oil gland may get inflamed. This inflammation or trauma, the mix of sebum or skin cells, and the presence of a bacteria called P. acnes can cause non-inflammatory acne to become inflammatory. Inflammatory acne is characterized by redness, tenderness and cystic lesions. Inflammation in the area can lead to pain, unsightly acne cysts and in the worst-case scenario, it can cause scarring. Basically, you don’t want to stoke the fire of a well-behaving blackhead and create an inflamed and far worse situation.
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Oct 20

Summer Skin Rescue Photos

We had such a great time hosting our 4th Annual Summer Skin Rescue Event on Thursday, September 29, 2016. We are grateful for all of the patients, both established and new, who came out to support us and partake in the fun the evening offered! The photos are so great, we had to share! Hope you enjoy and hope to see you all again soon!  

Sep 7

Don’t Miss Our 4th Annual Summer Skin Rescue Event!

Ever year, here at Art of Skin MD, we excitedly host an open house event that we affectionately call Summer Skin Rescue and we can’t wait for this year’s event, our fourth annual Summer Skin Rescue – it is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. – it’s sure to be our best yet!  We will have representatives from companies such as Galderma, Allergan, Lumenis, Merz, BTL and more here to discuss and explain the latest and greatest in cosmetic treatments! On top of that, we will have giveaway bags for the first 100 attendees to arrive that are full of amazing goodies – valued at over $500! Just some of the scores in these bags include our favorite Orgain Protein Bars, amazing beauty products such as Neocutis Lumiere Riche Bio-restorative Eye Balm and treats from local businesses such as Yoga Six, Fitwall, Graced by Grit and much more! Definitely plan to get here early in order to snag one of these plentiful bags! We will also be holding raffles for fabulous giveaways – some valued up to $3,000! Continue reading

Aug 9

Eliminating Double Chin Fat with Kybella

There are a few areas where the body can store fat that are difficult to get rid of with healthy diets and workouts alone – and the submentum, or area under the chin, is definitely one of those areas. Luckily, there is Kybella!   Check out our deal that we are offering for Kybella this month in celebration of all of the success we have had so far with patients and eliminating the dreaded "double chin." Kybella expert treats submittal fullness San Diego   Kybella is the first FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment that targets the fat that creates a double chin. It is a naturally-occurring bile acid, called deoxycholic acid, that is injected into the fat beneath the chin and destroys fat cells. In the body, the job of deoxycholic acid is to break down dietary fats in the gut after eating a meal.  It therefore makes sense to exploit this natural process for other areas in the body that have unwanted fat such as the double chin Continue reading

Jul 1

Lifting & Firming In Office & At Home

With the constant battle against aging, electric currents are used in so many different ways. I recently spoke with Intothegloss.com about NuFACE, which is a device that we use at Art of Skin MD as well as sell for patients to use at home as a part of their daily beauty regimens. We use electric “current” in so many facets of dermatology.  The hyfercator used to cauterize vessels during skin surgery is electrically based.  Radiofrequency, a technology that uses electrical current, is used in many device applications from skin tightening to fat reduction.  Microcurrent is a miniature, lesser powered, very distant cousin to some of the technologies I’ve described.  At our clinic, we offer the NuFACE, which uses the mircrocurrent. Continue reading

Jun 7

Cellfina: Right candidate for treating cellulite

This month, I am featured in InStyle Magazine talking about the new Cellfina Treatment to get rid of cellulite. We are very excited to be one of a few practices in the local area to offer Cellfina! The Cellfina System is the only FDA-cleared minimally invasive procedure that has been clincally proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least two years. This treatment specifically targets stubborn, discrete dimple-like cellulite. The results are superb and quite visible, even as soon as at a three-day follow up. Ideal candidates for the Cellfina System treatment are:
  • Reasonably Fit
  • At a stable weight
  • Have dimple-like cellulite
  • Have good skin tone (too lax of skin won’t yield ideal results)
Cellfina is completed in the office as a single, one-time procedure completely under local anesthetic.  There is minimal downtime and patients are only asked to wear a light compression garment like Spanx or workout pants for several days after the procedure.  To see the procedure in action, check out the YouTube videos below where Dr. Palm demonstrates marking, numbing, and treatment of the cellulite on a real patient!   Continue reading

Apr 18

Restylane Lyft Liquid Facelift in San Diego

April is here and we have so many wonderful things happening at Art of Skin MD to share with our patients!  Many of which refers to specials happening with Restylane and Restylane Lyft.  
Liquid facelift san diego with Restylane

Get Paula's look with Restylane Lyft to sculpt cheeks and rejuvenate the face at special savings

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Apr 4

Glowing Skin: Harper’s Bazaar Features Dr. Palm

First, Art of Skin MD continues to be trailblazing when it comes to cosmetic trends for Spring and getting glowing skin.  This month, I am featured as an expert that spills the secrets on getting glowing skin.  In the April issue of Harper's Bazaar on newsstands now, you can get my dermatology secrets to amazing skin with topical skin care products. Skin care product recommendations with Dr. Palm Art of Skin MD Harper's Bazaar In this two page feature, I divulge some of my favorite secrets to glowing skin for summer. Continue reading