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emface art of skin md san diego

EMFACE is at Art of Skin MD San Diego! Enhanced No-Downtime Facial Muscle Toning & Skin Tightening and Lifting

Build Facial Muscle & Tighten and Lift Facial Skin Without Surgery in the San Diego Area Art of Skin MD is the FIRST practice in San Diego to provide EMFACE.  EMFACE combines HIFES (High Intensity Focused Electrical Stimulation) and RF energy to tone cheek and forehead muscles to improve brow position and jawline definition.  Dr. Melanie Palm is one of a few elite group of physicians nationwide to unveil this non-invasive, non-surgical, no pain approach

art of skin md Summer Skin Rescue savings event

11 Years of Summer Skin Rescue with Art of Skin MD! September 19-30, 2022!

  Celebrate 11 Years of Summer Skin Rescue with Art of Skin MD and the Best Packages and Pricing of the Year! Summer Skin Rescue 2022 is going to be our biggest event and best of the year! Here at Art of Skin MD we can’t wait to connect with our beloved patients and friends and offer you the best treatment and packages of the year! Event Details: 12 days: from September 19-30 Live Instagram


10 Years of Summer Skin Rescue! September 13-24 2021!

  Celebrate 10 Years of Summer Skin Rescue with Art of Skin MD and the Best Packages and Pricing of the Year!   Yes, 2021 has been a different kind of year but that isn’t going to stop us from hosting our biggest event of the year and connecting with our beloved patients and friends! So we are taking our annual Art of Skin MD Summer Skin Rescue virtual again. Event Details: 12 days: from

Restylane Kysse lips Dr. Melanie Palm

Restylane Kysse: New Lip Filler with Natural, Long-Lasting Results

Restylane Kysse:  Soft, Natural, Kissable, Long-lasting Lip Filler Restylane Kysse debuts as the newest hyaluronic acid filler on the U.S. Market I’m proud to share information on Restylane Kysse, the latest of the Restylane XpresHAn technology HA fillers that offers long-lasting, flexible and natural results for lip enhancement that are long-lasting.  Restylane Kysse is also FDA-approved to treat upper lip lines. I was fortunate to act as one of the 14 U.S. physicians that participated


Ultherapy Skin Tightening Made Comfortable For Patients

Ultherapy is a non-surgical, no downtime, in-office procedure that lifts and tones sagging skin. It is often used to tighten the lower face, jawline and brow areas as well as to rejuvenate the décolleté area of the chest. Ultherapy offers long-lasting results that occur gradually over time, but many people have had difficulty with undergoing this procedure, as it can be quite uncomfortable – until now! As patient comfort is a top priority here at Art


Instalift Offers In-Office Results

There are many non-surgical options to restore fullness and correct skin laxity that happens in the face as we age. From hyaluronic acid fillers to laser treatments, there’s a procedure for everyone and the newest addition to these options now offers a way to instantly lift sagging facial skin. Silhouette Instalift is an absorbable suture lift procedure, performed in the office offering no discomfort with the use of local numbing in the areas of placement.


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