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Perfect Pout by Valentine’s–Lip Filler with Restylane

Got thin lips?  Don’t want a trout pout?  Scared of duck lips?  Want a quick procedure by Dr. Melanie Palm with minimal bruising and NO PAIN?  We have got your answer!!!   Lip filling using a cannula! Restylane has now been FDA-approved for lip filling, and with Dr. Palm’s gentle hand, trauma to the lips is minimized and the result is fantastic looking lips! A recent advance has been the use of a “cannula” –


Belotero Balance: Banish Fine Lip Lines and Crow’s Feet

Belotero Balance is the newest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler. Unlike other dermal injectables, Belotero is meant to be placed superficially in the skin, in a layer called the dermis. This means that Belotero is able to correct fine lines and wrinkles that cannot be smoothed with other fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse. These other fillers should not be placed so far high up in the skin. The result of placement of other hyaluronic acid


Hand Rejuvenation: You asked for it, here it is (IPL and Radiesse)

We had so much positive feedback from our video on Perlane use for restoration of volume on the back of the hands that by popular demand, here is a series of videos on complete hand rejuvenation including first Radiesse filler for volumizing atrophic, volume-depleted hands and IPL for removing brown spots due to sun exposure. Radiesse is a calcium-based injectable filler called calcium hydroxylapatite. It is FDA-approved for facial volumizing for folds and wrinkles such


LaViv: Your Personal Answer to Facial Volume Loss

Think stem cell therapy is a thing of the future? Not true! The first personalized approach to fillers is already available. LaViv is the first FDA-approved product that creates volume for the face by using your own cells. Read on to learn more… LaViv is a personalized approach to facial rejuvenation. The process is simple and occurs in two steps. The first step is tissue harvesting. During a simple 5-10 minute procedure, Dr. Melanie Palm


Aging Hands Be Gone: Rejuvenate with Radiesse and IPL Special!

If our eyes are the windows into our soul, then our hands tell the story of our age. Oftentimes, we take great care of our face, but it is our neck, chest, and hands that give our true age away. Over time, hands can become speckled with brown pigmentation including sun spots, veins become more prominent, and our tendons on the back of our hands more visible. Alas, there is much we can do to


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