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Hand Rejuvenation: You asked for it, here it is (IPL and Radiesse)

We had so much positive feedback from our video on Perlane use for restoration of volume on the back of the hands that by popular demand, here is a series of videos on complete hand rejuvenation including first Radiesse filler for volumizing atrophic, volume-depleted hands and IPL for removing brown spots due to sun exposure.

Radiesse is a calcium-based injectable filler called calcium hydroxylapatite. It is FDA-approved for facial volumizing for folds and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds. It is an excellent filler for the back of the hands, and when used in appropriate volumes, has no downtime, little swelling and no bruising! A unique feature of Radiesse is that it causes something called “neocollagenesis.” This means that placement of Radiesse stimulates your own body to form collagen in the area of placement, allowing for a longer-lasting filling effect. Typically, Radiesse lasts approximately 9-12 months, although this varies depending on the site of filler placement. Dr. Palm mixes lidocaine in Radiesse prior to filler placement, ensuring that the experience is extremely comfortable for the patient.

Dr. Palm uses a special technique to fill the back the hands that makes it quick, easy, without side effects, and most importantly, painless! Dr. Palm fills the hand with Radiesse using blunt shaped cannulas. These are dull instruments that are not sharp like needles. Similar to fat transfer to this area, Radiesse placement using cannulas avoids trauma to surrounding structures on the hands such as tendons, veins, fat, and skin. Therefore there is no pain, and minimal disruption to the area of Radiesse placement. This means minimal swelling, little chance for bruising, and increased safety with the procedure. Check out the video below to watch Dr. Palm place Radiesse in the back of the hand.

After completing volume restoration to the hands, it is important to address pigmentary changes such as sun and age spots on these sun-exposed areas of the skin. Ultraviolet light and sun exposure, especially UVA exposure, causes brown pigmentation to the skin. Uneven pigmentation to the skin ages us. A study done by Proctor & Gamble almost 10 years ago showed that the appearance of brown pigmentation can increased the perceived age of our skin by a decade–10 years! Therefore, having a clear complexion on our skin provides a youthful look.

Many of us protect our face but neglect the skin on our neck, chest, and hands. This ends up giving our age away. IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is a quick and easy way with no downtime to eliminate signs of photoaging. IPL is a broad band light source that goes after and eliminates brown pigmentation and red discoloration.

At Art of Skin MD, patients are pre-treated with topical anesthetic, and then forced air cooling and cooled gel is provided during treatment so that the IPL procedure is actually a relaxing experience, rather than an uncomfortable one. After IPL treatment, brown spots turn darker and flake off in 1-2 weeks. Red discoloration takes several weeks to improve. A series of IPL treatments is usually recommended, although 1-2 treatments on the hand with the M22 IPL device from Lumenis can make a dramatic difference. There is no downtime associated with IPL, although sunscreen use, as always, is an important part of follow-up care and also to protect your results.

Check out Dr. Palm performing IPL on the hands in the short video below. Contact Art of Skin MD today to schedule your consultation or call our highly qualified staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546).

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