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IPL Photofacial Treatment is a Snap!

Winter skin blahs got you down? Consider a photofacial! Also known as an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), this short, no-downtime procedure is a great way to rejuvenate the skin. A quick patient demo for treatment of facial redness is shown below on our YouTube station:

Photofacial IPL is great for a variety of skin conditions, Traditionally performed at monthly intervals as a series of treatments, IPL can improve rosacea, broken blood vessels called capillaries, and even pink-brown spots left behind by acne. Not only does IPL treat red discoloration in the skin, but it also goes after brown spots usually related to sun or UV exposure, Solar lentigines, melasma, and photoaged skin looks youthful, clearer, and sometimes smoother after a series of IPL treatments.

IPL can also be combined with photodynamic therapy for a more comprehensive, proactive approach to treating both skin aging and precancerous spots called actinic keratoses.

Art of Skin MD will be offering a flash sale on IPL in a few weeks. Call our qualified staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546) for details or contact us through the Art of Skin MD website.

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