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Kybella Injection – Dissolve Chin Fat in San Diego

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is a recently FDA-approved product to treat the double chin.  The product is injected under the jawline to improve contour of the lower face.  Unwanted fat in the neck area underneath the chin is called “submental fullness” and is the area cleared for treatment at this time with Kybella.

In the clinical trial, over 1000 patients were injected with up to 4 monthly injections to the submental area (area of the neck underneath the chin). Kybella injections led to significant improvements in the contour of the neck area in those with unwanted fat with minimal side effects, leading to its FDA approval.

Kybella injections are simple and is completed in the office without the need for numbing.  The actual injection session takes only a few minutes.  The area of treatment is marked making note of important anatomical structures in the neck area including the jawline (mandible), muscles (sternocleidomastoid), central structures in the neck (thyroid notch, hyoid bone), and area of unwanted fat (submental fullness).  Then, a temporary color grid is applied to the skin to guide the mapping of injections of Kybella.  Finally, on sterilely-prepped skin, Kybella injections in small amounts are evenly administered across the treatment area of the neck.  After injection, an ice pack is applied to increase patient comfort.

To see an injection live, watch this Art of Skin MD YouTube video as I demonstrate Kybella injections on anchorman Mark Bailey of XETV San Diego CW6.

The best candidates for Kybella injection are patients with unwanted areas of chin fat that is diet and exercise resistant.  Patients should also have good skin elasticity without significant sagging or laxity.  Results are usually seen several months after treatments.  Kybella is typically done as a series of treatments, usually 2-4 sessions on average, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

I serve as a physician trainer for Kybella, meaning that I have been selected by the company that makes Kybella (Kythera, a subsidiary of Allergan) to instruct other physicians on how to use and inject the product.  Art of Skin MD has also been selected as a study site for the Kybella CONTOUR study.

If you are interested in being a Kybella study patient or have questions about the product, contact Art of Skin MD in Solana Beach, CA at 858.792.7546.

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