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Nonsurgical Facelift & Necklift Before & After Photos

Nonsurgical Facelift & Necklift Before & After Photos

Anti-Aging Procedures Including Ultherapy, AccuSculpt

Many patients seek a nonsurgical alternative to aging changes of the face and neck. Facelifts and necklifts offer dramatic and meaningful results. If surgery is neither indicated, desired, nor safe, nonsurgical skin tightening and lifting procedures may be appropriate. At Art of Skin MD, these procedures primarily consist of Ultherapy, Silhouette Instalift, and laser skin tightening.

Ultherapy is a nonsurgical, single treatment procedure powered by ultrasound. Microfocused points of ultrasound bypass the skin’s surface and are delivered to connective tissue that sags and droops over time. The brows, lower face, jawline, neck, and even the chest may be tightened and lifted with Ultherapy treatment. Skin crepiness can even be addressed during the procedure by targeting the skin dermis. At Art of Skin MD, we differentiate our Ultherapy treatment through a proprietary three-step process of numbing, ensure complete patient comfort during the procedure.

Silhouette Instalift uses absorbable sutures composed of glycolic and lactic acid to create lift and build new collagen in sagging areas of the face. Unlike threadlifts of the past that used permanent sutures, the absorbable suture of Silhouette Instalift is safe and biodegradable, stimulating new collagen growth as it is slowly metabolized over a period of months. Silhouette Instalift is performed in the office under local anesthesia with minimal downtime. Immediate results are visible following Silhouette Instalift placement, although final results improve over a 6-12 months period.

Lasers (Accusculpt) can also be used to produce skin tightening and a neck lift by heating the undersurface of the skin. It is almost always performed in conjunction with traditional liposuction or liposculpture.

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