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Fuller Lips with Filler: Dr. Melanie Palm Perfects the Pout Part II

Now that we have explored the use of a cannula to fill the lip in our previous Art of Skin MD post, let’s now explore how to create a NATURAL, BEAUTIFULLY-ENHANCED lip. My philosophy is that we should enhance the inherent beauty of your lips, so that it becomes a harmonious part of the face. Enhanced lips should never look “done,” a frequent concern of patients during initial consultation.

Various fillers are used to augment the lip area. In the YouTube video below, Restylane is used by myself, Dr. Melanie Palm, to contour the lips.

Other fillers may be used as well. Juvederm is another popular choice. A newer hyaluronic acid filler called Belotero can also be used. Belotero is typically used to fill and smooth fine lines around the mouth but could be used to fill the lips as a more temporary measure. That way you can “test drive” your lips before you use a longer-term filler like Restylane or Juvederm. For very select patients that are good candidates, I will use silicone using a microdroplet technique for more permanent lip enhancement.

Pain or discomfort is often a concern of patients undergoing a filler procedure to augment the lips. I insist that patients are completely comfortable. I think this is accomplished by several measures. First, at Art of Skin MD we create an ambiance that invites tranquility and dissolves the anxiety and nervousness that can be associated with undergoing a cosmetic procedure. The inviting staff, upbeat music, and our smiles will immediately put you at ease.

Beyond the Art of Skin MD culture, we provide other comforts for patients. The use of both topical numbing and small amounts of numbing injection medicine are used to numb the entire lip area so the lip filling experience is pain-free. We provide good conversation and distraction tools so that the your visit is a breeze.

Got questions? Give us a call….it’s easy to ask our staff at (858) 792-SKIN (7546). Or visit our Art of Skin MD contact page.

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