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Laser Hair Removal Made Pain-Free at San Diego Art of Skin MD

San Diego Laser Hair Removal Made Pain-Free

Art of Skin MD and Lutronic’s Advantage Diode laser redefine Laser Hair Removal: EASY, FAST, PAINLESS!!!

Here is our fun mantra for laser hair removal: “Every time a sizzle sings, a hair follicle gets its wings!”

Ingrown hairs, painful waxing, and hair backs….all reasons to consider laser hair removal! Summer time weather is around the corner and all of us want to be fuzz-free for those sunny days on the beach. Start to get that hair-free skin you desired with a series of laser hair removal at Art of Skin MD.

Fridays are now fuzz-free! Ask about our special deals on this day. Want Dr. Palm to perform your treatment? No problem, you’ve got it.

From upper lips, to male backs, laser hair removal is extremely fast using the new Lutronic Advantage system. It uses trusted diode laser technology with a HUGE treatment handpiece, making treatment a breeze. A male back or a women’s legs, which used to take 30-60 minutes to complete, is now done in 5-7 minutes! Unbelievable but true. Check out Dr. Palm’s YouTube video below…you won’t believe your eyes!

Our prices our extremely competitive with laser hair removal chains but instead you get unparalalled skill, expertise, and treatment–all that you have come to expect at Art of Skin MD. Inquire about our laser hair removal specials and book a package today by calling (858) 792-SKIN (7546) or contact us on the Art of Skin Contact page.

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