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Gobble, Gobble for your Turkey Dinner, Not Your Neck! Ultherapy Special at Art of Skin MD

To celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday this month, Art of Skin MD is offering an unheard of offer on Ultherapy – the ultrasound technology that will tackle the Turkey waddle on your neck…and win! This month only (November), book an Ultherapy for the face and receive the neck for FREE – that is a $2500 value!!!

See my recent TV segment on Fox 5 San Diego in the morning below for information on Ultherapy:

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved procedure that uses microfocused ultrasound energy to tighten the connective tissue of our face and neck to lift sagging skin and re-create a taut jawline. Ultherapy is completed as a single treatment and is FDA-approved for 12 months of duration, although some patients may have lasting results for 18-24 months.

How does Ulthera work? The transducer or handpiece of Ultherapy is placed on the skin’s surface where it bypasses the skin and focuses energy on the SMAS of the face – the connective tissue layers that are re-draped and tightened during a facelift. Noninvasively, Ultherapy can heat these tissue layers, causing new collagen growth for weeks after treatment. Collagen stimulation contributes to skin tightening and the subsequent lifting of tissues.

Patients often ask if Ultherapy hurts? Sometimes they have gone online to patient forums, and are concerned about others’ experiences. Rest assured, I use a combination of relaxation techniques, an inviting clinic environment, and a series of regional local numbing blocks to make Ulthera treatment simple, easy, and virtually pain-free. The difference between a good and bad Ultherapy experience lies with the physician. A skilled dermatologist and a dermatologic surgeon interested in your comfort can make Ultherapy a breeze.

Ultherapy and Sculptra can provide a powerful combination – a nonsurgical face and neck lift with a liquid facelift. Both improve the other, leading to a more powerful and comprehensive rejuvenation. See the video from UT-TV below:

Don’t miss this incredible one-time offer on Ultherapy here in San Diego by calling Art of Skin MD today. Feel free to contact us through the Art of Skin MD Contact page or call us at 858.792.7546.

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