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Uplift with Ultherapy: The Nonsurgical, Ultrasound Facelift

Art of Skin MD and Dr. Melanie Palm are proud to unveil the ultimate in no-downtime, nonsurgical skin tightening for the neck, face, and brows….Ultherapy! Exclusive to our Facebook fans, Art of Skin MD followers may now enjoy a savings of $1000 off their Ultherapy treatment!!! Just click here to follow the link to the Art of Skin MD deal savings! Ulthera offers a no-downtime, gradual, yet dramatic, skin tightening for the neck, face, and


Ultherapy: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift

Art of Skin MD is proud to announce the arrival of Ulthera – THE choice for a nonsurgical facelift and/or brow lift. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved device approved for skin tightening and lifting of the neck, lower face, and brow. Before and after 1 treatment with Ultherapy to the lower face Loose, lax tissue on the face and jawline got you down? Not ready for invasive surgical procedures such as a facelift? Then Ultherapy


Belotero Balance: Banish Fine Lip Lines and Crow’s Feet

Belotero Balance is the newest FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler. Unlike other dermal injectables, Belotero is meant to be placed superficially in the skin, in a layer called the dermis. This means that Belotero is able to correct fine lines and wrinkles that cannot be smoothed with other fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse. These other fillers should not be placed so far high up in the skin. The result of placement of other hyaluronic acid


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