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Ultherapy: The Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift

Art of Skin MD is proud to announce the arrival of Ulthera – THE choice for a nonsurgical facelift and/or brow lift. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved device approved for skin tightening and lifting of the neck, lower face, and brow.

Ultherapy -Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift -Brow Lift
Before and after 1 treatment with Ultherapy to the lower face

Loose, lax tissue on the face and jawline got you down?

Not ready for invasive surgical procedures such as a facelift?

Then Ultherapy might be the answer you are looking for…here is the scoop:

1. Ultherapy has NO downtime! Treatment with the device takes approximately 30-60 minutes and with proper pain management (carefully administered nerve blocks), the procedure is quite comfortable.

2. Ultherapy results are dramatic but occur gradually. The tightening effect occurs over approximately 3 to 6 months and lasts for over a year. For patients with pronounced skin laxity, more than one treatment may be needed for the desired skin tightening effect.

3. Ultherapy works by targeting the deep tissues that are tightened and re-draped during a facelift, but with minimal discomfort and a fraction of the price. Ultherapy works to create new collagen in the connective tissue that physicians treat during surgery.

Here are some great (and representative) before and after photos of Ulthera:

Ultherapy -Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift -Brow Lift

Ultherapy -Ultimate Non-Surgical Facelift -Brow Lift

Get ahead of the game in terms of skin toning and rejuvenation. Experience Ulthera in a comfortable, caring, and enjoyable environment with Dr. Palm. She would be happy to talk to about it….she her self has been treated with Ulthera and can give you a first hand account of the benefits of Ulthera!

Like what you are reading about Ulthera. Contact the expert staff at Art of Skin MD through the Art of Skin MD contact page or by calling 858.792.7546.

Check out the Art of Skin MD Facebook page to find EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on Ultherapy that save you up to $1000 off your treatment at Art of Skin MD with expert dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm.

Inquire about a special introductory offers when combining the tightening power of Ultherapy and a liquid facelift using Sculptra!

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