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Rock Your Body in 2013 with Liposculpture

The heralding of a new year brings about reflections of how we will make changes for the better, both inside and out. When exercise and proper diet are not enough to get you to your goal physical shape, it may be time to consider a body-shaping procedure such as liposculpture.

So what exactly is liposculpture? It is liposuction performed exclusively under local anesthetic, or sometimes called “tumescent liposuction.” The procedure was pioneered by French surgeons and brought over to the U.S. by several physicians including dermatologists in the early 1980s. A dermatologist determined that liposuction could be performed painlessly with very dilute numbing solution placed in the areas of treatment. This increased patient comfort and decreased downtime with the procedure.

The advantages of liposculpture are many. Much smaller cannulas (the instruments used to remove fat) are used with tumescent liposuction that traditional surgical lipo. Additionally, tumescent liposuction performed by a trained cosmetic dermatologic surgeon requires no need for general anesthesia–and the inherent risks that come along with putting a patient to sleep. Because of the fine instruments, more precise removal of fat is achieved, lessening the chance of surface irregularities when removing fat, as well as the chance of surgical complications.

Patients experience minimal discomfort following liposculpture. Typically, any soreness experienced is akin to muscle soreness after an intense workout–usually lasting several days. Most patients can return to daily activities within a few days and aerobic activity within a week to 10 days. Extra strength Tylenol is usually all that is required to help any soreness related to liposuction using the liposculpture technique.

Many areas of the body are ideal for fat removal. Liposuction is used to achieve a better shape or to look better in your clothes–it is not a diet or weight solution and does not improve cellulite. Liposuction can have a dramatic result on patients with excess fat underneath the chin and neck area. The hip area including the inner and outer thighs are frequent complaints for female patients and can be improved with liposuction.

Some areas of the body may benefit from the addition of a laser to liposculpture. Flabby upper arms and mild skin looseness of the lower abdomen often benefit from the gentle heating and subsequent collagen formation and skin tightening of laser-assisted liposuction. Dr. Palm utilizes the Accusculpt laser system to use laser liposuction ni the abdomen, arms and neck area.

A benefit of liposculpture is that the fat obtained during the procedure may be used to augment lost volume in other areas of the body or face. Instead of using fillers, fat transfer may be used to recontour lost volume in the face–revolumizing deflated cheeks, nasolabial folds, even temples. Alternatively, harvested fat can be used to augment one’s posterior, enhancing the contour of the buttocks.

As a way to ring in 2013, Art of Skin MD is offering an exclusive special on laser liposuction. Patients undergoing liposculpture in San Diego with Dr. Melanie Palm can enjoy liposuction for only $2013 per area in commemoration of the New Year. Contact the staff at Art of Skin MD to schedule a consultation with Dr. Melanie Palm. Any questions? Call us at 858.792.SKIN (7546).

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