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Sun Safe Skin Tips for Del Mar Races & Opening Day

Opening day is this week and Art of Skin MD wants to give you tips to keep your skin safe where the surf meets the turf! The forecast calls for lots of sunshine and warm weather, which means sun safety is even more important amongst the dazzle of sundresses and fascinators.

Here are the Dr. Melanie Palm top tips for keeping it cool during Race Season

1. Slather on Sunscreen. New FDA guidelines were released this year regarding best practices and proper labeling and usage of sunscreens. Sunscreens should be broad spectrum, meaning they cover both UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays cause the redness associated with sunburn, and UVA causes aging changes to the skin like sun spots, skin texture changes, and loss of collagen – not exactly the fashion statement to make on Opening Day. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens are great as they act as physical blockers of the sun and offer broad spectrum protection. Art of Skin MD offers a variety to choose from including the Elta MD line, Revision, Neocutis Journee, and the Art of Skin MD line.

Elta MD sunscreen offers cosmetically elegant formulations of micronized zinc oxide preparations

2. Be unforgettable with Sunforgettable by Colorescience. Got limited space in your purse or pockets to carry sun protection? No problem. We have a solution that fights shine and protects skin. The Sunforgettable brush by Colorescience is an award-winning formulation endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. This brush delivers zinc-based sunscreen powder as a sheer film that works on skin that already has sunscreen or makeup applied. It is great for the stands, Turf club, and even beyond.

An elegant and compact brush system, Sunforgettable packs a powerful punch against harmful UV rays

3. Prep with a pill. Heliocare, a popular supplement, classified as one of the newer popular “sunscreen pills” can be a potent and helpful supplement to good photoprotection. Although not a substitute for good sunscreen habits, popping Heliocare prior to an afternoon of fun in the sun can work synergistically with sunscreen to increase your threshold of protection against UVA exposure. Heliocare contains several agents to help against unwanted UV rays and is great for patients battling pigmentation such as melasma, or those with sensitivity to the sun. Heliocare is a combination of potent antioxidants including the an extract of the fern plant Polypodium leucotomos, beta carotene, and green tea. Taking Heliocare 1-2 hours before sun exposure can help to boost the effects of sunscreen.

Heliocare supplement is consists of a combination of potent antioxidants including the polypodium leucotomos fern plant, beta carotene, and green tea

4. Seek shade. A broad-brimmed derby hat is a great way to provide shade protection to your face. The San Diego hat company makes UPF hats perfect for Opening Day. Many styles are available at our local Beachwalk retail boutique Safarlou. Escape to the Turf Club or the shady portions of the general admission stands to protect that glowing skin from the sun. Check out the chic, stylish chapeaux offered by Safarlou in the YouTube video from the TV segment featuring Art of Skin MD below:

5. Repair from the day of fun near the sun. Feeling the burn from your fun in the sun? Repair your skin using growth factors from the Neocutis line. Neocutis’ PSP exclusive human growth factor technology is featured in the Art of Skin MD favorite eye cream Lumiere Riche. The Biocream and Biogel by Neocutis both contain the human growth factor to repair collagen and get your skin back on track.

Neocutis line of skin products harnesses the collagen-repairing properties of growth factors

6. Red alert: Red light for sunburn. Made the unfortunate mistake of getting a sunburn at a day at the Races? Have no fear, Art of Skin MD offers the Healite II, an innovative red diode light that decreases the inflammation and redness associated with sunburn. Best of all, treatment is affordable and sometimes billable to insurance in the treatment of sunburn. See the clip below to understand how Healite works as I explain on the recent CW6 TV segment:

Have a great time at the Races this year. Be sun safe, and when in doubt about how best to protect your skin during the summer months in San Diego, contact Art of Skin MD through the Art of Skin MD contact page or by calling our qualified staff at (858) 792-7546.

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