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INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling Unveiled First in U.S. at Art of Skin MD

Art of Skin MD proudly announces it is the first U.S. physician office to treat patients with INFINI – a truly innovative radiofrequency device for skin tightening and fine wrinkles. INFINI received FDA clearance just two weeks ago, and this technology combines the collagen-inducing power of micro needling with a novel multidimensional radiofrequency (RF) platform. The result is a minimal downtime procedure that produces tissue tightening and wrinkle improvement.

How does the INFINI technology work? An explanation appears after the following INFINI demonstration videos. View the videos of treatment (FDA-cleared and off-label use) of acne scarring, skin tightening, and neck wrinkle treatment below from the Dr. Melanie Palm YouTube page:

INFINI radiofrequency micro needling for acne scarring:

INFINI radiofrequency micro needling for the treatment of skin tightening:

INFINI radiofrequency (RF) microneedling for neck laxity and wrinkles:

So how does INFINI work? INFINI is typically completed as several passes. The skin is numbed with a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure for patient comfort. INFINI is composed of two technologies – micro needling and radio frequency….both are explained below:


INFINI is composed of a disposable tip with 49 microscopic, sterile tip for each patient treatment. The needle is only 200 microns, and its tip is only 20 microns. The needling portion of the INFINI treatment serves several roles: 1) It allows RF energy to be delivered directly into deeper layers of the skin, thereby producing collagen and protecting the top layer of the skin; 2) each entry of the microneedle, on its own, promotes small amounts of collagen production; and 3) the micropores left after treatment allows a conduit for delivering medications directly into the dermis. This could include growth factors and vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) for collagen production, or serums such as vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid, or hydroquinone for skin brightening.

INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling San Diego

INFINI uses a smooth microneedling technique in which one row at a time of the microneedles is delivered over a very short period of time. This decreases trauma to the skin and improves patient comfort during the procedure. A schematic of this process is shown below:

INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling San Diego
Flow needle technology is a patented way of delivering micro needling with radiofrequency INFINI with better patient comfort and less trauma to skin.


The second component of the INFINI system is its ability to delivery radiofrequency energy to predetermined depths of the skin, in particular, the dermis. Unlike other RF devices, INFINI does not treat from the surface of the skin to try and effect the dermis. With the micro needling technology, INFINI delivers RF heat energy to the second layer of the skin, without going through the top layer of the skin, the epidermis. This spares the top layer of the skin, which increases patient safety during the procedure, eliminates the risk of burn, and allows the physician to treat ALL skin types. This is particularly important for darker skin types such as Asian, Hispanic, and African American skin, which can easily experience darkening (hyperpigmentation) after traditional procedures. Furthermore, the INFINI has a high degree of safety on tanned skin – a skin type that traditionally is difficult to treat with many laser and light technologies.

INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling San Diego
INFINI active treatment delivers heat to dermis which encourages collagen growth.

INFINI radiofrequency energy is delivered in multiple passes, at multiple depths, allowing for a multidimensional effect that leads to three dimensional volumization of the treated skin. Typically, 2-3 passes are performed, starting with the deepest layer first. The adjustable depth is controlled by the physician, and can range from 0.1 to 3.5 mm below the skin’s surface. The length of treatment time during each pulse also determines the zone of collagen heating. This zone, called a thermocoagulation zone, promotes new collagen growth in the grid of treatment.

INFINI Radiofrequency Micro Needling San Diego
Three passes of INFINI creates a three dimensional grid of RF energy and collagen growth.

A typical treatment session lasts 15-45 minutes depending on whether small areas of the face to complete face and neck zones are treated with INFINI. Typically, treatment sessions are spaced a month apart and 2-4 sessions are necessary for a meaningful result.

After treatment, therapeutic topical medications and cosmeceuticals may be applied to the skin for enhanced penetration to complement the collagen volumization of INFINI. Sunscreen is applied. The skin may be slightly pink for 1-2 days and the skin can feel a little rough to touch for several days. In general, INFINI is considered a minimal downtime procedure in which someone may return to work or daily activities rapidly without noticeable stigmata of a cosmetic procedure.

INFINI is an excellent complement to other procedures at Art of Skin MD. Here are various complementary treatments below:

1. Pretreatment with a botulinum toxin such as Dysport or Botox a few weeks prior to INFINI treatment allows muscle relaxation and an even, smooth, less mobile field of skin treatment. This discourages wrinkles created by muscle movement to reform and softens them with the collagen producing power of INFINI.

2. Fine lines around the lips and eyes can be treated first with INFINI and stubborn areas filled with the fine line corrector, hyaluronic acid filler Belotero.

3. Skin tightening through Ultherapy, which yields results sometimes referred to as a nonsurgical brow lift, face lift, or neck lift, can be used first. Then, INFINI can be used to produce additional skin tightening to address fine lines and skin crepiness.

4. Full face “global” revolumizaiton is important to combating the aging face. This volume replacement should look soft, subtle, natural, and LIKE YOU! Several agents work well to accomplish this role. A couple at the top of my list is Sculptra Aesthetic, fat transfer, and Perlane.

5. Skin rejuvenation with laser technology complements the collagen remodeling effects of INFINI. To address skin pigmentation, IPL photofacials are often used. If precancerous skin lesions and heavy sun damage are being addressed. INFINI may be used following Photodynamic Therapy. For the ultimate collagen building and skin rejuvenating combination, INFINI can follow CO2 fractionated laser skin resurfacing.

We are proud to be the first clinic to offer treatments with INFINI in the U.S. INFINI, through thousands of treatments, has a proven track record across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and South America. Art of Skin MD is delighted to bring this groundbreaking technology to our patients. For more information on INFINI, contact the qualified Staff of Art of Skin MD at 858.792.7546 or send a message through the Art of Skin MD contact page.

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