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Voluma XC Available in San Diego at Art of Skin MD

Juvederm Voluma XC is here! Art of Skin MD and Dr. Melanie Palm are a part of a few select San Diego Allergan accounts to receive early access for patients to Voluma. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler from the Juvederm family – however, its use for facial augmentation is unique.

Check out the videos below featuring me (Dr. Melanie Palm) administering Voluma to a patient. The first video features proper facial mapping prior to injection. The second video features injection with Voluma right here at Art of Skin MD:

Facial Mapping with Voluma:

Injection Technique with Voluma by San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm:

What makes Voluma different? It is produced using Vycross technology – a means of creating a hyaluronic acid filler that produces less swelling and is longer lasting than other traditional HA (hyaluronic acid) filler products such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero. Voluma is composed of hyaluronic acid molecules that are tightly and strongly linked – a term called “cross linking.” Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid in Voluma does not have loose ends like other temporary HA fillers. Why is this important? Without free ends of the hyaluronic acid filler, Voluma does not attract as much water to itself, and is not as easily broken down. This translates into a long-lasting product that does not cause significant swelling after treatment.

So how long does Voluma last? According to clinical studies on the filler product, Voluma lasts for up to 24 months – that is two years of volume correction to the mid face.

Where is it appropriate to use Voluma? Voluma is the only filler product FDA-approved in the U.S. for correction of volume loss in the midface. Voluma is placed deeply under the skin either on top of bone (an area called the supraperiosteal plane) or in the fat (called adipose tissue). In clinical studies and on-label, Voluma is used to lift cheeks and create volume to the lateral (zygomaticofacial) cheeks, the medial cheek, and the shadow underneath the cheek bones called the submalar zone.

Treating the on-label mid face region with Voluma can improve other areas of the face, Treating the cheeks through a Voluma lift improves the nasolabial fold and the tear trough area around the eyes without actually adding filler to these zones.

Off-label, Voluma is used in many areas such as the temples, deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jawline, and even back of the hands. I like to think of Voluma as an instant gratification deep filler, and an excellent compliment to Sculptra injections for full facial rejuvenation of volume loss related to aging.

For a limited time, Art of Skin MD is offering $200 off per syringe of Voluma as an introductory offer. For more information, contact us through the Art of Skin MD webpage or call the Art of Skin MD staff at 858.792.7546.

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