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Art of Skin MD – Not Just Our Name, It’s Who We Are

When naming a business, much thought goes into what the owner wants to convey and how they want the world to receive them. This fact was not lost on Dr. Melanie Palm when she opened Art of Skin MD. A true lover of art, she minored in art history during her undergraduate program and is a frequent visitor in art exhibits around the globe. Art is just as much a part of who she is as medicine, and she found the perfect way to combine the two when she started practicing cosmetic dermatology.

Dr. Palm’s love and appreciation of art doesn’t stop at the name of her clinic. Upon entering, patients find that each room throughout the space is named after a specific art movement and she dedicated much thought behind every specific name. For example, the largest room in the clinic is the space where patients undergo procedures such as liposculpture, skin cancer surgeries and laser resurfacing. This room is named Nouveau, after the Art Nouveau movement. Nouveau, which means “new” in French, is very fitting as this is where patients at Art of Skin MD often receive results that reveal the “new them” after their procedures. Another example is the photo room, which is named after the Op Art movement – since cameras are optical devices it was a simple choice for Dr. Palm. And so the clinic’s treatment rooms’ names continue with Deco, Baroque, Purismo and so on – each with much thought behind its name.

The names of the clinic and its rooms are a testament to Dr. Palm’s love of art. However, art goes much deeper here at Art of Skin MD as Dr. Palm is truly an artist in her own right. Her artistic eye combined with her experienced hands have culminated in a cosmetic and medical dermatology practice that is truly second to none. Each patient is unique, and achieving balance and natural-looking results is an art that Dr. Palm delivers with her vast knowledge of cosmetics and dermatology and practice of restraint. There is no “by the numbers” approach to patient care at Art of Skin MD, each patient receives the results they desire at the hands of an artistic expert.

Her love of art history is something she is sharing over the next months via her Instagram, with descriptions and explanations for why she named the clinic rooms the way she did. Check out her latest posts here:

To learn more about how your team at Art of Skin MD and how our artistic, one-of-a-kind approach can help you reach your aesthetic goals, call the office today at 858-792-SKIN (7546) to schedule your consultation.

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