Chest Rejuvenation: Ultherapy Before & After Photos

Ultherapy for Decollete Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Lifting

Ultherapy is an ultrasound-based device that is FDA-approved as a nonsurgical skin tightening option.  It delivers microfocused pulses of ultrasound to deep connective tissue layers of the skin and soft tissue, heating them, and stimulating skin lifting and tightening over a period of months.  Although first FDA-cleared for nonsurgical brow lifting, Ultherapy is effective and skin tightening and skin lifting of the decollete region of the female chest.

A significant concern when patients consider Ultherapy treatment is discomfort during the procedure.  At Art of Skin MD, we treat patients in a unique fashion that nearly eliminates any discomfort during the procedure.  We use a combination of topical, oral and regional numbing methods to ensure treatment is easy and stress-free.

The results from Ultherapy for chest rejuvenation typically take 3-6 months to manifest.  The therapy is FDA-approved for 12 months of duration but may last longer in many patients.  Many select re-treatment approximately 18-24 months after initial treatment.

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