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Broken Blood Vessels Before & After

Broken Blood Vessels & Rosacea (Facial Redness) Before & After

Broken Blood Vessels, Rosacea Treatment

It is common to experience both facial redness and broken blood vesselsFacial redness in adulthood is often related to rosacea, a skin condition characterized by redness, broken blood vessels, and occasionally acne-like lesions on the nose, cheeks, and chin.  Broken blood vessels, also known as telangiectasias, are characterized by fine red vessels.  They are common around the nose and cheeks, but may occur elsewhere.

Effective treatment exists for rosacea and broken blood vessels.  In the case of rosacea, it is often important to combine laser and light treatments with newer and effective prescription topical medications.  Effective laser and light treatments for treating rosacea, facial redness, and telangiectasias are most often IPL and pulsed dye lasers.  Occasionally, the Spectra laser is used at special settings to address facial redness.

A series of treatments is often necessary to address broken blood vessels and facial redness.  Periodic maintenance treatment may be occasionally necessary to maintain the improved result.  For all light and laser treatments used for rosacea and broken blood vessels, there is typically no downtime and the procedure is extremely well-tolerated.

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